BEST OF 2016 - Which Beauty Hero Products Would I Buy Again?

GOODBYE 2016! Another year has flown by and since I've had a few days of holiday, I've actually had time to make another YouTube video - 2 vlogs in 2 weeks?! 

People always ask me, as a beauty addict who gets to try so many products, is there anything you'd actually pay for again with your own money? 

The answer is yes. There are some real gems to be found and I've summarised my favourite products of 2016 in this video.  If you're more of a classic website blog reader (or you just can't be arsed to watch and want to know like RIGHT NOW), then I've also summarised the hero products below. With shopping links.

Thanks again for reading, watching, liking, not liking in 2016 - it continues to make my little side-hustle an absolute dream to run. May you all have a fantastic and fulfilling start to 2017. (Or at least one that will start with lots of champagne..)

2016 Beauty Hero Products

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque

A beautifully creamy clay mask, that dries within 15 minutes and floods skin with protective antioxidants. See ya later pollution!

My favourite foundation of 2016 - it's lightweight, easy to use and super portable. The mineral formulation is better for skin and the coverage can be built up to cover blemishes. Recommend using a flat top brush with this.

2016's biggest beauty drop and the first launch that I've been suckered into waking up early for. I thought I had every shade of highlighter but this is more in between blush and highlighter - it's a beautiful burnished rose gold highlighter. Use it when you want the teeniest flush of colour without wearing blush.

Aurelia Skincare Botanical Cream Deodorant

A magical pot of deodorant! It's free from any nasties but still keeps sweat and odour at bay. I tried a whole load of natural deodorants and this one was the BEST. An absolute continued buy for me.

Glitter Lips Kit by Beauty Boulevard

Slightly cheating since I found these in December 2015 but I've acquired two new colours this year and they're equally as great. A one-hit wonder for instant party lips, you MUST have one of these kits in your beauty bag.

Finally - I could sing the virtues of cream eyeshadow sticks forever. If you find powder eyeshadow a bit difficult to work with, these blendable sticks are the easiest and longest-lasting way to build colour on your lids. 

Did you have any stand-out stars of 2016? Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook
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