YOUTUBE VIDEO: How To Avoid A Haircut Disaster!

It's official, I'm getting the chop! Having a haircut is always an ordeal for me – (see "Why I Hate The Hairdresser" for more explanation!) but I've had long hair for soooo long now, I'm just really tempted to get rid of it.

It's heavy, it's damaged, it's just IN MY GRILL, ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME.

But going for long to short is a big deal and high risk re-style! How can I prevent a haircut disaster? You know, when you ask the stylist for a trim and they cut everything off. Or when your planned fringe definitely makes you look like some sort of hairy potato. 

Check out my new video for top tips for getting the most out of a haircut and making sure you're happy every time.

(I also just have to include this cover photo again because it’s so friggin hilarious)

So there we go - hpoefully you'll feel more confident about going for the chop now! Can't wait to share the results of my new long bob with you!

How do you approach a major hair change? Do you trust your hairdresser?

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