What I Wore To Work - Ladylike Lines with REISS & Michael Kors

My first What I Wore To Work of 2015!! Although a large part of me just wants to hunker down with furry knitwear and blankets, a small part of me is screaming out for Spring - pastels, sleeveless, BARE LEGS.

Today was one of those days where Spring Zoe triumphs over Hibernation Zoe and the result? This lovely, blush pink dress from REISS, paired with a classic snakeskin tote from Michael Kors. SPRING IS HERE...ish.

Forgive me for not taking some fabulous outdoor shots with this, if you haven't noticed, it's about minus 10 degrees outside. Oh, and I'm a coward.

Let's get a closer look.

I picked this REISS dress up from the annual REISS sample sale for about 40 quid (for my Top Sample Sale etiquette, read this post!

Matched with rose gold accents, today's outfit is my attempt to look classic and elegant after weeks of hiding in cosy knitwear and double tights (yes, DOUBLE tights!)

What do you think? Is it warm enough to start introducing some colour into my wardrobe?!

By Zoe Dubs
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