New Holy Grail Skincare! Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

For the first post of 2015, I wanted to start with a really positive one. A post about a product I really liked - y'know, start the year on good terms and all that!

Luckily for me, I was sent an amaaazing skincare product which has completely exceeded my expectations and makes a perfect subject for today's post.... 

First up, I need to say.. I'm not normally a facial mask personI love the idea of a mask and I've bought many but to be honest, I end up never using them. Unless it's a really lazy sunday inside, or a girly night - ain't nobody got time for that! 

Here comes the huge BUT...

BUT! Then this mask by New Zealand organic skincare brand Antipodes entered my life and I am unashamedly converted. Get home, put a candle on, get a mask on - it's a new year and a new me!!

Is it a mask? Is it a cream?

This Antipodes Aura Mask really changed my perception of what a mask should be. For my blemish prone, oily combination skin, I have a lot of clay based masks - you know, the kind which take about 15 minutes to harden like some sort of concrete cast on your face. Boo.

The Antipodes mask is so creamy, it's actually like some sort of a luxurious moisturiser! It doesn't dry or harden so you don't feel like your face is frozen while you're wearing it. You don't look like a swamp monster either!

What's In It?

The key ingredient, Manuka Honey, is an infamous healing agent and has natural antibacterial and pore-refining powers. This is what makes the Aura Mask great for blemish prone skin.

It smells really nice too - I didn't think Vanilla Pod and Mandarin would work, but it really does! Perfect before bed, it's really relaxing.

I was so pleased with this mask - mainly because it's the first mask I've seen for oily/combination skin which isn't clay based or peel-off. It's not heavy on the skin, nor is it oily. It's easily washable and I've used it every week since I've got it!

Selling for about £19, it's not cheap - but given that this is quite a unique mask, I would buy this again.  It hydrates any dry patches, whilst helping to keep spots at bay. Love it. 

Buy it here for £19 + free delivery.

Here's to discovering more brilliant beauty buys in 2015!!

Have you got any recommendations for me?!

By Zoe Dubs
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