New Year's Eve Outfit : Cheap & Chic Floral Co-Ords

Another year over and tonight is most infamous of them all - yes my friends, New Year's Eve is upon us again!

No doubt you've all got fabulous plans. If you've read My Very Chinese Christmas, it will be of little surprise that tonight Matthew, I will be cooking up a fantastic 3 course meal .. all whilst superbly over dressed.

Here's tonight's outfit - THE FIRST EVER OUTFIT PHOTOS TAKEN BY A REAL LIFE PERSON (as opposed to a tripod and 10 seconds running back and forth between the camera and my position!)  I think that deserves caps. Cheers mum.

Garms courtesy of F&F - again, yesss I know but hey, I get a ridiculous discount so I'm not even ashamed to be so biased towards them! 

Hope you all have a fantastic New Year's Eve. I'm now off to make a Paella with three whole lobsters. Lord HELP us all.

SEE YOU IN 2015!

Photo Credit: My mum! 


F&F FLORAL SCUBA TOP (now £8.00!)
YSL-inspired ARTY RING - picked up at Spitalfields Market for £13

By Zoe Dubs
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