LFW SS15 Saturday! Photo summary.


I've been up and about since 7am and I am absolutely pooooped. Today has been such a great day -I've been reporting on camera for Yahoo Lifestyle from LONDON FASHION WEEK. Me?! An accountant from Milton Keynes?!

It's gone so, so well today  - I've been to shows, I've been backstage, I've been ON THE FROW! I've interviewed lots of makeup artists and hair stylists for Yahoo and we've been covering the beauty look behind each show and the key trends we should be stocking up for as we come into AW14..... SOUND GOOD?

The videos will be live on Yahoo Lifestyle by Monday, and you can check out LIVE updates from both myself and YahooLifestyle on Twitter as we report again tomorrow at LFW Sunday. I WISH THIS WEEKEND WOULD LAST FOREVER.

Here's the quick photo blast from the day - It all started with a makeover from Stila, went backstage to investigate the getting ready process, sat on the FROW and ended with a trip to Meat Market for celebratory burgers, wings and shakes with my fellow blogger The GoodOwl.

Let me know what you think!!

I'm off to bed now, another early start tomorrow and I haven't eeeven begun to think about what I'm going to wear out of the bazillion outfits I've brought. 

PS- I'll be doing a little get-ready-with-me with Yahoo Lifestyle tomorrow morning, can't wait to film it!

I can't wait until tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (+ ALL the exclamation marks!)

By Zoe Dubs

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