In case you haven’t already guessed from my serious over-use of exclamation marks and capitals on my Facebook and Twitter feed last night, I won the YahooLifestyle competition to report from London Fashion Week. Yes, ME, at LFW. I can’t even begin to work out how I feel right now. SO MANY FEELINGS.
What's the gig? Little ole me is going to be in the middle of the glittering hive, reporting on camera for YahooLifestyle. WHAT IIIIIS THIS?! An awkward accountant like me  gets a makeover and goes to LFW?  I am genuinely living my own little Cinderella story right now.

In the middle of my shock though, comes the most important thing to say - a huge thank you to YOU. Whether you voted, liked,  retweeted or even just wished me luck – every single ounce of support has made a difference and Is genuinely appreciated by me.


The blow-by-blow account.
I was waiting the whooooole day for an email to come in, madly pressing refresh on my phone emails to see if I’d got anything. By 2pm, I was determined that I hadn’t got it. By 4:30, I was planning my Indian takeaway & large bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to make me feel better/drown my sorrows.

Come 5:25pm, a notification popped up on my phone – CONGRATULATIONS FACEVALUEBLOG – eeeeeeeeeeeeee! But then I clicked it and nothing came up. I’m talking about that annoying loading circle which just spins around tauntingly in front of you. 

PANIC STATIONS. Stupid phone! I logged into Twitter via my work computer and checked my notifications - nothing. I checked YahooLifestyle's Twitter page. Nothing. I genuinely thought I was hallucinating under the stress and seen what I wanted to see!!

Thankfully some other bloggers were on the ball - Emily (Hello My Name Is..) and Laura (lelore.com) kindly pointed out that my name was on the website as the #bbloggers winner. Now back on my phone, I couldn't even find or load the right webpage - it was probably MORE stressful than waiting the whole day!! I swear my phone is fine until I'm in desperate need and then it decides to chill out for a bit - does your phone do that too?!

For everyone that's supported me

Here's the honest bit. 

When it came to my career I followed my head over my heart. Growing up, my dream growing up was to be a performer but I went down a more traditional route and ended up in accountancy... that old chestnut! 

Whilst I made peace with this decision a long, long time ago - I always used to imagine, what if? I'm a firm believer that whilst you can't change your past, you can shape your future so I decided to plug all my heart and lots of effort into my current passion - the beautiful mix of makeup, photography and writing that is beauty blogging.

If annnnything does arise from this LFW gig, I'll be following my heart all the way and choose to do what I enjoy the most. Until then, I have more pressing issues like.... WHAT DO I WEAR TO FASHION WEEK?!!

Give me your tips for short-term skincare and hair healing!  I have 9 days to sort myself out!

Thank you again for voting and, as always, thanks for reading!

By Zoe Dubs

PS - what do you think of my NEW BLOG LAYOUT?

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