Help Please! Make My LFW Dream Come True With Just One Click.

UNBELIEVABLE SCENES!! I am in the finals to report live from London Fashion Week on behalf of Yahoo Lifestyle UK!

London Fashion Week - LONDON FASHION WEEEEEK! How unreal would it be to have my big face on-camera, presenting all the behind-the-scenes beauty action?!

A short (and desperate) plea for you today dear readers. Please make my dream come true and give me a click on the Yahoo Lifestyle Voting page

No forms to fill, no registration, it literally takes 30 seconds!

Laptops: Go to YahooLifestyle, click Zoe Dubs, Click VOTE
Mobiles: Scroll down to the bottom of the YahooLifestyle voting page, click Zoe Dubs, VOTE!

I really appreciate every single vote - this competition is a once-in-a-lifetime ALL-THE-CLICHES opportunity for me and I can't even begin to imagine how happy I would be to win. Oh man, even the thought of it seems RIDICULOUS.

(Seriously - I whacked my knee on the edge of my bed jumping around when I found out I was shortlisted - who knows what winning would do to me!)

Voting closes 29 August! There's a 1 in 8 chance for me to win and your vote could be all the difference!

Please vote for Zoe Dubs here at

Spread the word and RT on Twitter/SHARE on Facebook?

Big love to you all!!

By Zoe Dubs
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