New Lipstick Love: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

So, I'm having an affair..... I've only just treated myself to a Burberry Lip Cover and now there's already a new lipstick love in my life. Another one?! Already?!

Lipsticks are the best transformational tool when it comes to changing up your look up (this is the main justification I give myself everytime I buy ANOTHER one) and these days, it's not just about the colour. It's also about TEXTURE. 

For example, a shiny red lipstick on me screams glamour, sex and confidence but a matte red lipstick says sophistication, poise and charm... (Not buying it? Nah, Mr FV didn't either. I got a big eyebrow raising thrown in my direction.)

Either way - I consider myself to be supremely weak when it comes to buying more beauty, sooo unsurprisingly I ended up treating myself to this Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipgloss/lipstick/amazingness.... HIYA NEW BEAUTY FRIEND!

So, I've never had a great history with matte finishes. Given that my lips are crispy preeetty much all year round, matte finishes tend to highlight dry patches and look a bit flaky on my lips.

So imagine my excitement when I tried the Bourjois Velvet lip cream and it didn't highlight any dry bits at all! In fact, it looked really smooth!

Seriously, I only just bought this the other day but I just couldn't wait to tell the world about it!!

Look & Feel.

Beautifully creamy and oh-so swoony, this Bourjois Rouge Velvet is the perfect matte texture. It feels moisturising, but also smooth and silky - it is easily one of THE most comfortable textures to wear. You wont even know you're wearing lipstick!

In addition to the non-sticky feel, the matte finish is ideal for lipstick newbies as it's slightly more reserved than a glossy or satin finish. My lips looked smooth and plump and supremely natural (as lipstick goes)

Look how happy I am!

The texture is lovely and light and the colour lasts for a good half day of normal wear! It's meant to be 24 hour wear and it probably is - IF I don't eat or drink anything - but it's definitely more of a lip stain than I initially thought!

Face Value Tip: To make it ultra long lasting - apply a thin coat on dry lips and blot off excess. Reapply and blot again, avoiding gloss.

I now have TWO colours (yes, I went and bought another one the next day, that's how much I loved it!)  Number 4 - Peach Club (pictured above) is a lovely muted coral-red colour and I also bought Number 7 Nude-ist - a dusky mauve pink.

It's £8.99 but well worth it in my eyes. Those wanting a similar finish and feel, but on a budget, should look at the Collection Cream Puff review I did earlier this summer.

Again, I cannot rave about this Rouge Edition Velvet enough. Perfect for dry lips looking for a smooth matte finish! Consider all my matte problems over - I'm now going to buy all the other colours in the range

Which one shall I buy next? Pink Pong? Flamingo? Grand Cru? ALL THREE?

By Zoe Dubs
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