What I Wore To Work: NEW SHOES! Hobbs Vida Derby Brogues

It's happening! Following my new job and my impending flat move, I have decided that I am going to start my OFFICIAL grown up life - aka time to start acting your age Zoe!

This basically means stop hoarding things, start planning meals, spend my money more wisely, blah blah blah. It's basically every new years resolution I ever had and failed at. 

As I start thinking about the impossible task of packing and moving my gigantic collection of clothes, I've decided I need to also change my shopping habits/habit - I am physically running out of space. 

Therefore - light bulb moment- from now onwards, I've decided to BUY LESS.... but buy nicer, higher quality, investment pieces. (and maybe bin something. Maybe)

This very ridiculous reasoning is exactly why, although I never used to shop at Hobbs, I can now justify it! (On the condition that it's in the sale, and if I can wear it for work AND leisure)

Well, today's pair of shoes ticks ALL the boxes. Soft Leather. Work and Leisure. Utterly beautiful. HELLO NEW GROWN UP LIFE!!

When it comes to my work style, I'm a big fan of pretty, but strong, looks. 

As you may have seen from my previous What I Wore To Work Wednesday's, I especially like a twist on mens tailoring so when I saw these boyish brogues from Hobbs, I just HAD to have them!

I don't normally shop at Hobbs but I saw SALE in big letters and me and Haids (who basically dragged me out shopping for the afternoon) decided to have a quick look. Just in case we could find anything nice a.k.a cheap.

Shoutout to Haids (we don't normally dress like this btw)
And then I had to try the shoes on. 

And then, since they were so comfortable (which is rare in new shoes) I just had to buy them....

I blame Haids.

Let's get a closer look.

Beautifully soft, the little metal embellishments add a bit more interest - not your average brogue!

Hobbs also sell this Derby Brogue style in Burgundy but I felt that silver grey would go better with more things and would be more timeless. See! A grown up decision in my grown up life!

They normally sell for £149 but in the sale they were £70 - I haven't spent £70 on a pair of shoes in a long time but these Hobbs brogues will last me absolutely ages. (at least that's what I'm telling myself!!) 

I'll wear them with cigarette pants and a blazer for work, or I'll use them to toughen up a loose tea dress on the weekends. 

How would you style them? Have you bought anything from Hobbs before?

What do you think of my "buy less, but buy nicer" approach to shoes? I have a sinking feeling I'll just end up buying the same amount, but buying more expensive stuff.... Watch this space..

By Zoe Dubs
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