How To Get Natural Summer Skin: My fave BB & CC Creams

It is waaaarm outside! Isn't this weather great? A bit of sunshine makes me feel so happy. It's crazy how weather can affect your mood so much, I wonder why? 

I have a theory that sunshine makes you happy because, hear me out here, with sunshine comes glorious things like ice cream, al fresco dining and the chance to fiiiinally wear that beautiful sundress you bought but never had the opportunity to wear... Sounds legit right?

Summer brings out the best feeling but of course, with the good comes the bad. The cruel balance of Cest La Vie means that photo perfect lipstick disappears around iced frappe straws and foundation stains end up on your new white dress - basically, hot weather and heavy makeup do nahhht get along.

So how do I get perfect but natural skin, without slapping on foundation?

 What you need in hot weather is light coverage, with a barely there finish - oh and shiz loads of sun protection!! 

The answer is simple, your summer salvation lies is the humble BB & CC cream. But which one?!

A cross between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation - a BB or CC cream is designed to even out skintone, moisturise and protect skin with SPF. The light textures are perfect for a natural look and natural feel without blocking pores or melting on your face in the sun.

My Top Picks.

My current favourite and most highly discussed with my friends is this SEVENTEEN CC cream - I loved it sooo much I featured it (alongside huuge close ups of my face) as my product of the month

Essentially, it offers an expensive looking matte radiance and covers everything that needs covering - a fabulous £6.99, it has SPF25 and has replaced my daily foundation on hot days. The only problem is that it doesn't come in more shades!

Next up, this Garnier BB Cream is the oily-combination skin version of the original Miracle Skin Protector. 

This BB Cream is great for those who want a bit of cover up but not full coverage - it gives a healthy looking glow and feels very natural. 

The texture is slightly more watery and more like a moisturiser than the Seventeen CC Cream which is  more of a makeup item rather than skincare.

I would use this Garnier BB cream in place of my moisturiser. It's very comfortable to wear and not greasy - SPF20 too. 

The only annoying thing is that my ideal colour is somewhere between LIGHT and MEDIUM .... so I bought both!

Psst - keep reading for swatches!

But for you lucky biatches who are blessed with good skin and not fussed about coverage, then for the ULTIMATE in sheer, natural glowiness - then this Nivea Q10 CC cream is one for you to try. 

With SPF15, it also contains a Q10 complex to prevent ageing. It is much, much lighter than any of the others and almost undetectable on the skin.

If you don't need any coverage but need SPF with a hint of colour and dewiness, then this is great.

For me, it's not quite enough coverage and, again, is limited in it's colour range but the sheer coverage is definitely an option for those of you out there blessed with perfect skin!

I picked this because it really adds some seeerious glow to my skin but I can imagine on oilier skins it might be too dewy.

Swatch time!

Left to right
SEVENTEEN CC Cream (Medium), Garnier BB Cream (Light) (Medium), Nivea Q10 CC Cream.

Can you see the difference in coverage and texture?!

 So whether you want colour or dewiness, there's something to suit everyone and the best bit is that they all contain SPF and they're all much much lighter than foundation! All of these are available at Boots or online at

Which is your favourite? What's most important to you when it comes to summer makeup?

Have you got any summer makeup meltdown stories?!

Zoe Dubs

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