Amazing Primark Find: Primark Polka Perfume

So I'm a huge fan of Primark (who isn't?!) and I have found some absolute GEMS in there previously. You know - the kind of gems where everyone says "omgg where did you get that? Topshop? Urban Outfitters?" and you smugly reply "Primark actually!" I love it when that happens, don't you?

Anyway, one day I was dragging my overflowing basket round the beauty bit  and I saw this little wonder. Primark perfume? I was dead certain it was either going to smell sickly sweet or ,a la Mean Girls, "like a baby prostitute". 

But hey, I was in the market for a fragrance so I gave it a chance. One quick spray with the tester on my wrist and BOOOOOOM! 

Just when I thought Primark couldn't surprise me anymore.....

This Primark Polka perfume is genuinely, really lovely. As soon as I smelt it, I was so surprised I even said "wow, that's ACTUALLY really nice!! 

(Unfortunately a shop assistant heard me which was friggin mortifying, but she said that she'd heard that loadsa times before and people are constantly surprised once they try it. Phew, Zoe Dubs out of trouble!!)

But does it smell like a baby prostitute?

The scent is not quite citrussy but definitely more sharp than sweet with a bit of a clean, white floral accent and lingering passionfruit. Some of the previous Primark perfumes are known to be dupes for designer fragrances so I wouldn't be surprised if this is meant to resemble a more famous perfume - Marc Jacobs Dot perhaps?!

I love the bottle, I love the scent and the best part is that this was only £6!!! Would definitely buy again and again and again.

How much do you normally spend on perfume? I've not bought a perfume under £10 since the days of buying So..?Desirable as a 16 year old at school. 

These days, since I buy perfume so rarely, I let myself splurge but this £6 fragrance find is seriously up there with the rest of them!

As if I needed another reason to go back to Primark (aka return to the motherland) and spend more money?!

Have you tried any other Primark perfumes? Would you buy a perfume from Primark? 

What's your favourite fragrance? More importantly, WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE MEAN GIRLS QUOTE?


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