'What I Wore To The Wedding' Wednesday: Supermarket Style

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you won’t have failed to spot my constant WEDDING FEED last weekend. 

First of all - sorry for flooding your feed. Second of all - thanks for all those that sent me congrats but it wasn’t MY wedding (awkward). A friend of mine was getting married in The City of London. 

Getting married in 'The City' is a lovely idea – I always assumed I’d want to get married in a country house or picturesque chapel somewhere but I actually really like the idea of getting married amongst the skyscrapers, historic landmarks and glass buildings which make up the heart of London.

Anyway, enough about my future-but-not-anytime-soon-wedding  (at least that’s what I’ll tell Mr FV so he doesn’t freeeak out on me) – let’s bring the focus back to the wedding I DID go to....

Normally I write a “What I Wore To Work Wednesday” post on Wednesdays (surprise) but I figured, hey, a wedding doesn’t come up that often. 

So today, it’s a special edition of “What I Wore To The Wedding Wednesday”What a treat you guys are in for!

F&F Shift Dress £35
Therapy Quilted Chain Bag £25
Cream Patent Heels from Hong Kong £7

I personally like to change up my outfits, I try not to wear the same dress again and again, so it doesn’t make sense for me to invest in a lovely dress which is over £100. Face Value frequent readers will have realised, I is allllllll about the quantity, not quality.

Supermarket Style?

News of the day!! The weekend’s dress was actually from TESCO. Can you believe it? This lovely, quite expensive looking, floral number is from a supermarket! This is a Limited Edition Floral Print Crepe Shift Dress by F&F (previously Florence&Fred)

Let’s be honest, a dress who’s colours are described as “Purple/Lime” sounds dubious on paper but as soon as I saw this online, I knew I had to have it. Florals for a spring wedding, it just makes sense.

The fit is formal enough for a wedding but I could probably get away with wearing this to a nice ladies lunch or, more likely, ladies cocktail hour!! 

I was worried that a full-on floral dress would be a bit Aunt Mildred but the colours keep it young and fresh.  (before you ask, my aunt is obvs not called Mildred, I’m Chinese mate)

There’s some subtle pleating at the waist which makes this F&F dress really flattering. It fits like a glove, but also expands with the canap├ęs! Ideal.

The Accessories

I got the bag as a gift last Christmas from my maaaam (thanks mam) It’s a fairly standard quilted/chain/chanel rip off handbag but, like a true Chanel quilted handbag... it goes with everything! Love it.

Finally – the shoes. I picked these up from my holiday inHong Kong & China last year, you can’t really see in these photos but THEY HAVE RED SOLES!

At only £7, these shoes are the best pretend-designer-but-not-actually-designer buy I’ve ever made.

So what do you think? Would you buy a dress from a supermarket?

 What’s the best pretend-designer-but-not-designer item you’ve ever bought?!


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