Pout Loud & Sheer with Bareminerals

Armed with a giftcard and the intention to SPEND IT ALL, I was browsing Boots for my latest victims when this lovely lip duo caught my eye. I'm a big fan of bareminerals anyway - the bareminerals READY SPF20 foundation was my go-to face fixer across the summer and I wanted to try more!
As i've mentioned before, i'm useless at drinking my 8 glasses of water a day and as a result of this, plus the horrid wintery weather we've had, my lips have been really paying the price. That’s right – return of the dreaded crispy lips!

Let’s be honest, sometimes there’s just not time to do a lip scrub every day is there? I was looking for a moisturising lip balm or gloss to hopefully treat and transform at the same time. Was I asking for too much?

This is the Pout Loud: Loud&Clear Lip Sheer Duo by Bareminerals. They look stunning and the colours are “pure pops of pink and berry” – sounds good enough to eat almost!

The Pout Loud Lip Duo is basically two of the Bareminerals Loud & Clear Lip Sheers. If you’ve not tried a Bareminerals Loud&Clear, you need to get on that train soon!

What's a Loud & Clear Lip Sheer?

Bareminerals Loud&Clear Lip Sheers are somewhere in between a tinted lip-balm and a lipgloss. They’re lovely and sheer but still give a good splash of colour and shine

They’ve also got all sorts of moisturising goodies like shea butter and jojoba seed oil to provide moisture and nourishment. (don'tcha just love the word "jojoba"?)

What did I think?

I love the two colours – Pink Pulse for daytime and Berry Remix for a night-time hit. Two workable colours which every girl needs in her lipstick wardrobe.

They taste really really nice -  a slightly orangey citrus flavour which  I didn’t realise I loved until I tried it. You never think about Orange as a lip balm flavour do you?

Application is super smooth, they glide onto lips and my lips feel lovely and padded after. I can’t stop rubbing them together!!

Here's me wearing Pink Pulse - you can see it's shiny like a gloss, but with a subtle hint of colour too.

Any downsides? 

I feel like you could really go overboard with these as the gel-based formula is so easy to apply and so nice to use that I find that I’m literally HEAPING it on when you probably only need one coat. As a result, these are going down quicker than a lipstick equivalent!

In terms of moisturising ability, they do a great job of hiding my flaky bits with lashings of shine but I feel like they don’t fix the job. I suppose the Loud&Clear Lip Sheers aren't meant to be a repairing lip balm though. 

The Lip Sheers are really good for a nice hit of moisture and shine which lasts a couple hours but use a serious lip balm (like Blistex Intensive Moisturiser) to deal with the crispy bits!

Great for girls who like a natural looking lip, or for lipstick-newbies!

So what do you think then?  Have you tried anything else from Bareminerals?

Do you prefer a strong hit of colour, or something more subtle on the lip?


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