A Natural Clean with Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser

So one of my new year resolutions was to start washing my face properly. Not that I don't wash my face or anything gross like that - but I'm talking  a twice-a-day soap and warm water routine. My 90 year old nan swears by a hot flannel and warm water wash twice a day, and seriously - she has skin as soft as *insert some sort of metaphor here other than a baby's bum*

I talked about the first cleanser of 2014 in my review of the Botanics Hot Cloth Cleanser  I didn't really like that though (it's for sale in my Blog Sale) mainly because the oil/balm consistency was too heavy for my skin.

So let's change up the formulation. Something lighter, something a bit less oily. Mr FV's lil sister bought me this gorgeous Korres White Tea Gel Cleanser for Christmas and it.is.awesome.  HIYA.

Minimalistic, natural and effective - this Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser is designed for all skin types. A lovely, silky gel which is a joy to massage over my face, it cleanses with a mild foam but without dehydrating the skin or leaving any of that squeaky-clean residue.

What makes it stand out?

I love the natural Korres ethos - this Greek skincare brand originates from the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens and sources their organic ingredients locally.

This gel cleanser smells amazing and I get a little smug feeling knowing that it has no parabens or any nasties.

Check out the White Tea Cleanser ingredients list for ultimate organic skincare smug-ness. I love it - I'm only a recent organic skincare fan but this list just gives 100 reasons why you should go organic!!


In fact, when the gel cleanser is rinsed off, a layer of oat proteins stays on the skin to moisturise and protect along with the antioxidants from the White Tea extract. My skin felt really comfortable and clean but not sticky!

And if that's no scientific enough, there's a combination of oligominerals (whatever these are?!) which provide energy to skin cells... Oooh oligominerals...

DID YOU KNOW? All varieties of Tea (black, green, white) come from the leaves of the same shrub, but their difference is the time of their harvest and the method of their processing!

Really really like this cleanser - would definitely buy again if I had any sense of brand loyalty BUT I JUST LIKE TRYING EVERYTHING AVAILABLE TO ME IN THE WORLD. Possibly at the same time. Gah.

I recommend it for normal/combination skin and for those who find oil cleansers a bit too heavy! You can buy Korres online for anything between £10-£15 at ASOS, Feel Unique, Debenhams - myeh, google it. Oh and it lasts ages too, so I dont mind spending over a tenner on it. 

To finish this beauty ramble - here's a picture of my nan, natural skin and all. 90 years of flannel and warm water cleansing, 90 years of great skin and still going. (isn't she cute?! I'd just done her nails in this pic. Big up to my PoPo)

What do you guys use to wash your face?? 

Have you got a wash-off routine or are you a wipes/micellar water fan too?



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