What I Wore To Work Wednesday: Ralph Lauren Dundee Satchel

Today I'm toting a lovely little Lauren by Ralph Lauren number which I picked up whilst on holiday. The keen eyed among you may recognise it from my New York holiday post, I picked it up from Macys - a new York institution!!

I'd spent all holiday looking for something special to buy myself for Christmas and as soon as I saw this bag, I knew it was the one. The soft tan leather! That little leather bow! It had to be mine...

Bag lust - begin!

This is the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Dundee Convertible Satchel. On first glance this bag is absolutely stunning - elegant yet modern, it's the perfect handbag for both work and weekend

What am I wearing it with?

The beauty of this bag is that you can team it with a smart pencil skirt and trench coat just as easily as leggings and a loose fit jumper

You can tote it on the arm, or wear it on your shoulder and today I'm teaming it with this Warehouse Salt & Pepper Biker Coat and a black pencil dress I picked up in the Zara sale. 

(I loveeee the Zara dress but I'm struggling to raise my arms away from my body - the things we do in the name of style!!)

I love the lasercut detail all around the edge and the expensive gold finishes around the  front. 

Face Value tip - Metallic hardware even makes  cheap bags look expensive! But make sure the shade of gold isn't too brassy or garish. You're aiming for lady-like luxe, not lairy lass on the town.

Oh - and the lining!! I'm a sucker for a lovely lining - even if its somewhere that no one will really see, if there's a patterned lining, i'm 80% sold. 

Am I a sucker or what?!

I'd been saving up to buy myself something special  (I always find that the best presents are the ones you give yourself eh?) and I bought this for myself for about $220 (£130) 

This is a great transitional bag for both spring and autumn and you can buy it turquoise, black and also white! 

So that's my arm candy today - what do you think?


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  1. It is very pretty and the neutral shade ensures that it will go many places with you.


    1. Thanks Sharon! You're right - it's a go-anywhere bag! :)

  2. Oh it's gorgeous and so versatile! I love the lining, I'm a sucker for a pretty lining too! I can't believe how affordable it was, what a bargain! xxx

  3. Oh the bag is totally beautiful. And best thing is, you can pair it with a lot of different outfits & styles. I'm sure you're going to get a lot of use of it!

  4. Wow this bag is gorgeouuuuuuuuuuus.
    I love it!
    You're so lucky!]

    Day Dreams & Daisy Chains

  5. I LOVE IT. Dibs on it when you're bored!

    Charlotte - www.blotandreapply.com x

  6. What a lovely bag! But its prize really kills me lol...I know I'm never buying it! :(

  7. How is the structure of this bag ? Can it stand (not collapse) pretty well while being empty ?

    1. Hiya Lynn - it's reasonably hard-formed and holds it's shape even when empty.

      My only comment, if anything, is that after use, some of the trimming is coming away. Only a tiny bit - but you can see what I mean in the last photo (bottom right) - I've used superglue to seal it in again no problems.... xx


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