Glittery Nails? Bling It On with Nails Inc

So for Christmas I got this fabulous Nails Inc Bling It On Rocks Kit from my pal Haidee at our annual Christmas Onesie Party (Hiiii Haids - here's a shout out for you!)

I love the Nails Inc special effects polishes so I was really excited to unwrap this! The Bling It On kits are a series of nail-art-made-easy kits and I am ALWAYS keen to try out something new, even if I don't like it (see my attempt at Caviar Nails aka Caviar FAILS)

This Rocks kit is a simple way to bling up your nails by encrusting them with glitter! Not one for those who shy away from a statement, this is serious bling and you can get the look in 4 easy steps...

What's In The Kit?

This Bling It On kit comes with 2 bottles of glitter, a bottle of Nails Inc nail polish in Black Taxi and the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Topcoat. 

Oh yeah, and a little dusting brush and a tray which you use as part of the 'blinging-up' process. Cute!

Get Icing

It's easy peasy, I promise! Let me take you through the steps.

  • First you pour out a little glitter in the tray - if you're anything like me aka Clumsy mcClumsy, take this part slowly!

  • Next layer a first coat of the Black Taxi polish on your nails
  • Then, while it's wet, roll your nail in the glitter so that the full nail is coated.
  • Brush off any excess glitter with the accompanying brush 
  • Seal it all with a coat of the Kensington Caviar Top coat!

The kit comes with black and silver glitter, so you can either do all your nails in the same glitter, or you can mix it up! I decided to do my nails in silver with an accent nail in black on my ring finger.

The Final Result?

Jewel encrusted nails, dripping with bling - but sealed in tight with some topcoat.

And all this in less than 5 minutes a hand! The RRP of the kit is £20 but I've seen it IN THE SALES - online, at TKMaxx - all at about £12.

You could also probably do this yourself? You just need to find some fine glitter from a local craft store and get a decent topcoat (my favourite topcoat of all-time is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Topcoat!)

What do you think? Disco drama or drowning in glitter? Would you wear this on your nails?

Can you recommend any other nail kits? Which do you prefer, the silver or the black glitter?


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