NYE Party? An Alternative LBD: The Female Tuxedo

So New Years is fast approaching and the time-old question. What do I wear?! Do I dig out an old dress? Do I buy something new?

My answer to that usually is BUY BUY BUY MUSSST SHOP and my usual go-to outfit is a sparkly party dress. However last year, I did buy something slightly different..

BOOM. That's right kids. I wore a tux.

Gone are the days where only men wore the trousers and the bow-tie. I decided to don the full James Bond ensemble - female tuxedo trousers, shirt, blazer and bowtie. Oh yeah - and a massive quiff to keep it FIERCE LIKE BEYONCE.

Do you know how hard it was to find a full tuxedo? Nigh on impossible, the answer is I couldn't find one - unless I wanted to ship one over from an American lesbian wedding specialist. (And even then - they weren't very nice.)

How ridiculous is that?!  Suit shops are full of suits and tuxs for men for special occasions, but I couldn't find a matching tux anywhere for a woman!

Whilst I've seen a lot more tux-trend led stuff in the shops, I had to find all the pieces separately.  Here are my handy tips in perfecting the 'girl in menswear' look.

  • The Tuxedo Jacket: Probably the easiest piece to find, there are lots of versions in the market at the moment. A blazer with a nice long-line trim going down the middle which meets at your stomach. This jacket is by The Style and I found it on ASOS for £35. The trim is actually faux leather so I can wear the jacket on it's own over a dress or with leggings.
  • The Tuxedo Trouser: Basically a smart trouser with a satin trim going down the side, like some sort of 'banker meets Kappa tracksuit' trouser (please someone TELL me they used to own a Kappa tracksuit!) The cut of the trouser is VERY important - it's what makes the look. You need something that's slimline and tapered at the ankle. NO WIDE LEG CUTS!
  • The Shirt: This was the hardest piece to find. I was looking for a white shirt with a bit of a frill, or a pleated front. And it had to have a collar so that I could wear a bowtie. After weeks of searching, I found this dress shirt from Banana Republic. It was the most expensive item at £39.50.
  • The Bowtie: I borrowed this from a friend. You could also use a black skinny tie - though a tartan one would look awesome.

Obviously, team all the above with big-ass sparkly heels. You want to rock the masculine look, but keep it feminine.  For a similar reason - I lashed on lots of red lippie.

So how about it? An alternative to your LBD? It's something different at least!

What are you wearing for NYE?


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