NYE Party? An Alternative LBD: The Female Tuxedo

So New Years is fast approaching and the time-old question. What do I wear?! Do I dig out an old dress? Do I buy something new?

My answer to that usually is BUY BUY BUY MUSSST SHOP and my usual go-to outfit is a sparkly party dress. However last year, I did buy something slightly different..

BOOM. That's right kids. I wore a tux.

Gone are the days where only men wore the trousers and the bow-tie. I decided to don the full James Bond ensemble - female tuxedo trousers, shirt, blazer and bowtie. Oh yeah - and a massive quiff to keep it FIERCE LIKE BEYONCE.

Do you know how hard it was to find a full tuxedo? Nigh on impossible, the answer is I couldn't find one - unless I wanted to ship one over from an American lesbian wedding specialist. (And even then - they weren't very nice.)

How ridiculous is that?!  Suit shops are full of suits and tuxs for men for special occasions, but I couldn't find a matching tux anywhere for a woman!

Whilst I've seen a lot more tux-trend led stuff in the shops, I had to find all the pieces separately.  Here are my handy tips in perfecting the 'girl in menswear' look.

  • The Tuxedo Jacket: Probably the easiest piece to find, there are lots of versions in the market at the moment. A blazer with a nice long-line trim going down the middle which meets at your stomach. This jacket is by The Style and I found it on ASOS for £35. The trim is actually faux leather so I can wear the jacket on it's own over a dress or with leggings.
  • The Tuxedo Trouser: Basically a smart trouser with a satin trim going down the side, like some sort of 'banker meets Kappa tracksuit' trouser (please someone TELL me they used to own a Kappa tracksuit!) The cut of the trouser is VERY important - it's what makes the look. You need something that's slimline and tapered at the ankle. NO WIDE LEG CUTS!
  • The Shirt: This was the hardest piece to find. I was looking for a white shirt with a bit of a frill, or a pleated front. And it had to have a collar so that I could wear a bowtie. After weeks of searching, I found this dress shirt from Banana Republic. It was the most expensive item at £39.50.
  • The Bowtie: I borrowed this from a friend. You could also use a black skinny tie - though a tartan one would look awesome.

Obviously, team all the above with big-ass sparkly heels. You want to rock the masculine look, but keep it feminine.  For a similar reason - I lashed on lots of red lippie.

So how about it? An alternative to your LBD? It's something different at least!

What are you wearing for NYE?


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  1. This looks amazing! Very Sex and the City! I wish I could pull off a look like this!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. Thanks Jenn! Anyone can pull it off, you just need to get the right cut and don't be embarrassed about it ! xx

  2. you look amazing! I've always loved the whole suit & tie look, but Im partial to men's wear anyway& your make-up compliments it perfectly - Amy :)


    1. I'm a big menswear fan too! Glad you like it Amy :) xx

  3. This is such a brilliant idea.. You looked awesome too!!!!! So classy. Doubt I'd be able to pull it off like you. Love it xoxo

    p.s I owned a Kappa tracksuit too..... BRIGHT ORANGE. (cringe)


  4. what a great Idea. This absolutely adorable!

  5. I LOVE this look!! this would be me down to a T

  6. Oh my goodness I love this, you look AMAZING!

    Jess xo

  7. Zoe, How you doing. You were looking amazing. Love your outfits.

  8. great style, looks like the tuxedo and formally became part of our wardrobe, I'm saving to buy one made as a tailor, but I was shocked to know that in Japan have specialized in lady tuxedo shop.


  9. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! Get a tuxedo in your wardrobe! :)


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