Instant Pretty with No7 Instant Radiance Blush

The morning-after-the-night-before is anything but pretty. Late nights and excessive merrymaking can be a challenge on even the most perfect skin and when you're half asleep and not feeling 100%, looking pretty can be.... tricky.

Even normally, sculpting your cheeks these days can be complicated. First you have to apply your colour, and then use highlighter across the cheekbones, and if you've really got some time - a darker blush in the hollows. Like I said, perfect cheeks can be complicated!

But of course, as with most complicated things, it's not long before the human race finds a simpler, easier way to do it and this No7 Instant Radiance Blush is a prime example of our modern evolution. Well done us.

Isn't it gorgeous? This is the Instant Radiance Blush palette from No7 and , believe me, it's more than just a pretty picture. 

A mix of dark-to-light colours, peach-to-pink tones and shimmer-to-frosted finishes, this palette has everything you need to sculpt some instant pretty.

The quality of this blush is great - the powder is finely milled and ultra soft. This means you can layer it up and blend as you please. 

It all depends on the look you're going for. Use just the lighter shades for a daytime flush, or wap on the darker rose colours for some evening drama.

Daytime pretty

If you're after a glowy, perky, wide awake effect - swirl the powder together and apply high on the cheeks. 

For extra glow, swirl only the lighter colours and you can apply this gently (and sparingly)  all over the face.

Don't forget - you can add on, but you can't take off shimmer, so a light touch is required!

Evening Affair

If you fancy a full-on evening 'might go out-out' look, then layer up the darker rose colour across the cheeks. You can use this to contour too.

I then separately swirled the lighter shimmer across cheekbones as highlighter.

I actually like using these separately as eyeshadows too during the day time.

The fact that this is highlighter and colour rolled into one means that my overnight beauty bag can be that little bit smaller and that little bit lighter - which, given the size of my daily collection, really does help make a difference!!

Something I instantly noticed was it's lastability (yeah that’s definitely not a word but it's ma blog, I do what ah want)

The Instant Radiance Blush is surprisingly long lasting – I’ll be honest when I felt the texture, I imagined that it would wear off quite quickly but when I wear it to work the colour’s still there at the end of the day.

Application notes

The colours really do blend well together but due to the high frost finish, the Instant Radiance blush is best worn slightly higher on the cheeks than normal.

How do I do it? My tip is to use a  brush to apply the darker colours at the apples of your cheeks before swirling the lighter colour across the same area and along the top of your cheekbones.
Final thoughts?

A little goes a long way with this blush and you need to be careful not to overload on the shimmer otherwise you’ll end up with reflective cheeks - especially when the dreaded flash is on in photos!!

This No7 Instant Radiance Blush palette retails at £11.50 and will be available at No7 counters from 30th October.  (I’ve also heard that there’s going to be a huuge 3 for 2 coming at this time too, so get ready to shop!)

So what do you think of this palette then? Instant pretty or glow-overload?

Are you a fan of multi-taskers or do you prefer lots of different products?

Have you been guilty of "excessive merrymaking" recently..? GUILTY.


- Many thanks to Boots and No7 for letting me try this blush ahead of its general release date -

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