Cos Everyone Loves A Montage.

So I've been quite quiet on the blogging front recently because I've branched into the world of HOME VIDEO - and, on a more time consuming point, VIDEO EDITING. OooOOOh.

Check out this little montage I made of me and my friends doing the Three Peaks Challenge the other weekend. Gotta love a montage.

Thanks again for all of your amazing support - we have raised almost £6,000 for Mind,the mental health charity. You are all BABES.

In other news, I really didn't realise how long it takes to edit videos, so big kudos to all the you-tube beauty bloggers out there! 

This brings me to thinking about whether I should take my new video editing skills to the big Y-T. Do I want to bare my naked face and awkward humour to the world? What would I talk about other than cute cats and cronuts? 
Should I do tutorials, or should I do reviews? What about a good ole fashioned LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE rant?

Soooo many questions - let me know what you think.

Do you have your own You-tube Channel? What do you like watching on Youtube? I'm alllll about the cute animal videos and also the not-so-cute - try Hippo Poops Underwater....

Any fave cute animal vids to share?!


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