GIVEAWAY: Clean hands with Carex Antibacterial Hand Cream

Despite having the world's most untidy bedroom, I'm a bit of a clean freak when it comes to my hands. (Yes. This is coming from the girl who just found two very black bananas in a gym bag under her bed.) 

I'm all about convenience cleansing on the go, and quick! Part of me thinks, if I'M clean, it doesn't matter if my room is messy.... right?

Naturally, I'm a hand-gel fan bit sometimes I find it slightly too drying on my skin, especially when you use it every 10 minutes. I've just eaten something. Reapply the hand gel. Oh wait, i just used the photocopier. Get the hand gel out again. It's a bit of a habit..

The fab team at Carex have given me a couple tubes of the new Carex Antibacterial Hand Creams

And the best part? There's some for you too! Read on to find out how you can win one of these.....

What is it?

Developed to protect hands against unwanted nasties, this is the perfect in-between for soft, clean hands. You don't get the harshness that antibac gel can bring and it's moisturising too - I like to call it my "hygeine handcream" - (I am totally wasted in Accounting)

They both smell delish, the Vitamin E one especially so. I love the fact that this is two products rolled into one. My handbag is getting so heavy these days! I now carry a tube of this in my bag instead of hand gel and hand cream.

And it's not just for girls and beauty fiends - my male housemates and med-school friends love this stuff! Does this mean its approved by doctors?! Sure, why not.

It's not a heavy duty hand cream but it's instantly absorbed and leaves my hands feeling very soft and reassuringly clean. See ya later germs.

So who wants one of these handbag heroes?

I've got 5 to dole out to my Twitter followers and Facebook fans

All you have to do is follow/like and leave a comment below telling me your Twitter handle or Facebook name so I can contact you!

Get those hands to work and get following! You've got up to two chances each to get one! But if you're not one of the lucky ones, you can buy one from Sainsburys or Superdrug for £2.49.

I'll send these out to the winners on October 13.  You can also see more about the hand cream at

What do you think of this concept? So do you find hand-gels too drying? 
Do you not use hand-gels? (YOU SHOULD, GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE.)

And how messy is YOUR room?


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