Nude Nails Get An Update: Barry M Confetti Effects

Nude nails are a favourite nail look of mine. They go with everything! Whether you're wearing your work smarts or your out-out disco pants, nude nails add a touch of class to all occasions. 

Plus they hide a multitude of nail sins in that a carefree "oh my nails are totes naturally like this" way. An absolute blessing for a girl like me who removes her own Shellac and ends up with unsightly glue stains for weeks...

But too much plain can get boring. No one wants to be vanilla all the time. 

The answer is simple. 


So here we go, my quick summer update for nude nails inspired by ice cream.

And yes, there is a quick way to get this look which does NOT involve drawing on each individual sprinkle yourself.

What did I use?

Only two polishes required. Your nude base and a special effects topcoat.

Choose your favourite polish - the base I've used is Models Own Polish in Nude Beige- but you can use whatever you have to hand, or whatever you have on at the time!

As for the topcoat - a lot of mainstream brands do confetti topcoats now but today I'm using Barry M Confetti Topcoat in CNP1 which I bought in Boots for £3.99. I was between this, a L'Oreal topcoat and a Sally Hansen one. SO MUCH CHOICE.

I love this confetti topcoat - it reminds me of Hundreds & Thousands sprinkles that you put on ice cream! Mmm ice cream...

It's basically lots of tiny coloured strands suspended in clear polish. 

The best thing about this Barry M Confetti Effects is that you can layer one coat over another colour, or you can layer it up for a really interesting textured finish!

2 looks, one bottle. That's what I'm talking about.

Finishing touches 

Finally, seal it all off with a coat of clear varnish to prevent that horrid rough textured feeling on your nails. (Blergh, that feeling makes me a bit ill.) 

And there you go - easy peasy statement nails just by adding a simple topcoat. BOOM.

One of my other favourite special effect topcoats is the Special Jewellery Effects polish by Nails Inc - you can see what I thought of it in my Nails Inc Lucky Dip summary.

What are you favourite special effect polishes? 
Crackle effect? Foil? 3D? Leather? Matte? 

Who else removes their own gel nails!?


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