What I Wore To Work Wednesday: Not-So Masculine Tailoring

Well well, what have we here? Another work ensemble for you from the other day. A little number I like to call "my big fake Kooples outfit".

Working in the city doesn't automatically mean I have to wear a suit everyday - that's far too boring. I feel sorry for guys who can only really shake things up by adding a conversational tie now and then. 

However at the same time, it's not all bad - it's actually very easy to rock a suit & tie. It worked for Michael Buble right?

But before my ovaries take over into a rant about Michael Buble's velvet honey voice ....  here's my take on masculine tailoring - the very girly way.

I'm breaking the rules of masculine tailoring and actually wearing a skirt. Oh, how I tease you.

Namely because I don't have matching trousers in this colour. It would also work with slim black trousers too!

Jacket: H&M  £24.99
Shirt: H&M  £14.99
Ballet Pumps : New Look £7.99
Skirt: From my aunt in Hong Kong - FREE!

Face Value Tip: To stop it from going too formal, roll up the sleeves.

Eye for detail

My favourite bit about this shirt is the front ribbon.

Firstly - it's basically a pseudo-tie. 

I don't think I should ever wear a tie but this is perfect for my "female financier" look.

Colour-blocking can sometimes be a bit flat but the shiny texture of the ribbon catches the eye and lends a bit of luxe to an otherwise very cheap outfit!

So what do you think? 

What is too much colour for work? Should girls wear ties?

How much does Michael Buble ROCK a suit & tie?


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