What I Wore To Work Wednesday: Face Value does Fashion?

Hi team!

I interrupt your Wednesday with a quick little announcement of something very exciting!

Following my successful guest stint at Fashion Nomads run by the lovely Sophie, I've decided to bring a new feature to Face Value Beauty Blog..... 

Welcome....... What I Wore To Work Wednesday!  

Let's face it - I'm never going to be Face Value Fashion Blog but I got a lot of compliments on my guest fashion post, so I thought I'd mix it up a bit and bring you some banging new content

It's no secret that I have a not-so-glamorous corporate office job, so I thought hey, I may as well embrace it! 

The focus of my What I Wore To Work posts are going to centre around my work wardrobe. They're not carefully curated pieces put together for a blog, these are genuine outfits that I wear to work, every day. 

I want to show it's not all about boring suits and heels! I wear a mix of high street, high end and downriight budget so expect a good mix of outfits!

So that's the idea- i'll share a photo of what I wore to work and then I'll tell you where I got the stash from!

Sound like a plan?


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