Taking it to THE MAX with Rimmel Volume Flash Bold Curves Mascara

Mascara - the bread and butter of the makeup world. Finding the right one is tricky though and, like Prince Charming, you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find The One! 

I've been through my fair share of frogs and this is the first mascara that I've bought again and again. And guess what? It's not even a premium brand....

It's the Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves - Extreme Volume & Lift Mascara and boy oh boy it is EXTREME.... it is BOLD, it is THE MAX!

Ahh Rimmel, beloved of teenage girls and a staple brand in every beginners beauty bag. I've most likely (aka definitely) got a 10 year old blusher with a Backstreet Boys sticker stashed away somewhere in my room....

Old 90's bands aside, Volume Flash mascara does what it says on the bottle - volume and lift... in a flash!  I've got lashes straighter than a spirit level and this mascara gave me great curl and volume WITHOUT eyelash curlers.


Check out the photo evidence......

Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara Beauty Blog

Those of you who read my Kiss Eyelash Curler review - you'll remember the phrase "Dudes, she CUT THEM OFF" which thus explains my unwillingness to use eyelash curlers when unnecessary. 

The formula is thick and serious business - natural flutter fans BE WARNED, this mascara is designed for big results and fast! 

But it's not just the formula, the secret of the curl is in the brush. It's gently curved which allows you to literally push your eyelashes in place.

Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara Beauty Blog

The intense formula and big brush take a little bit of getting used to, especially on bottom lashes. Try turning the brush so it's vertical and use just the end to apply to lower lashes. Purists will probably want an eyelash comb to hand but if you like your lashes big and fake like me - this is faaaab. 

Like most guys you meet, it's not quite at full potential upon opening the bottle, but once the formulation dries out a tad and you get used it it .... this mascara becomes THE ONE.

Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara Beauty Blog

Face Value Top Tip: when applying the mascara - at the end of the sweep, hold the brush at the tips of your lashes and push your curl in place for a couple of seconds while it surface-dries.

I've bought this mascara about four times now and still not found anything that does the same job. If you're looking for big, bold lashes on a budget, this has been my go-to for quite some time now. Maybe it will be yours too?

RRP is £6.99, but I've seen it for £3.00 on FragranceDirect....

What do you think then? Are you a fan of false-looking flutter? Or are you a more natural lash gal?

Is "Rimmel Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves Extreme Volume and Lift Mascara" THE longest named mascara ever?!

I think so.

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