MONEY MONDAY: Boost your income by shopping in secret.

Get paid to shop? It’s something I covered before when I talked about signing up to a Cashback site but this is something slightly different. It’s all about mystery shopping and becoming a mystery shopper. Can I get an ooOOOoh?

First up - what is mystery shopping? Buying stuff without knowing what it is? Going shopping dressed as Sherlock Holmes? 

No, it’s NOT some new shopping fad (as awesome as it sounds). It’s actually a tool used by market research companies who send a secret shopper to assess and evaluate their shopping experience without the shop knowing who they are..

But who are these secret shoppers? Well, funny you ask that cos (in my best Lottery Hand voice) …. it could be YOUUUUUU.

How does mystery shopping work?

Basically, you sign up to a market research agency who specialise in Mystery Shopping – they offer you assignments (as if you’re some sort of spy- COOL), you shop and then they pay you the dollarzz!

Who can be a Mystery Shopper?

 It will range per company, but most will need:
-          Over 18
-          Internet & email access 
-          Good use of English grammar and spelling (soz mates, I just had to put it out there yeh?)
-          Access to a digital camera  - you might need to take a photo for some reports, and in most cases will be asked to provide the receipt for your purchases. A camera phone is normally fine.

Oh – and my favourite
-          ABILITY TO REMAIN A MYSTERY. None of this “I’m not meant to tell you, but I’m actually evaluating your performance” business or wearing your fave "IM A MYSTERY SHOPPER" t-shirt. And you can forget about getting friends and going dressed like this....

This is clearly how I'd shop...

Let’s talk money.

Okay, obviously it’s not a full-time job. If it was, it’d probably be the best job EVER. Apparently you can be paid anything from £5 to £100 depending on the assignment but the average shopping assignment pays £5-£10 plus additional reimbursement of expenses or purchases you are asked to make.

But it's not just about getting the cash - sometimes you can keep the purchases, even if they pay you back! If you’re buying lunch say, obviously you get to eat the food and they’ll refund your bill. Awesome!

So for all those cash strapped students and readers out there looking for a bit of extra dollar - consider signing up to a site today!

I'm not affiliated with any sites, so I recommend to just google "mystery shoppers wanted" and have a look!


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