EXCLUSIVE Bioderma Giveaway : this French cult fave could be yours..

4 months and 70 posts later, I'm hosting my first giveaway!

As you may have read recently, I had a little jaunt in Paris and I came back with the holy grail that is.... BIODERMA.

Deserved of all capitals and underlining thrown at it, this "solution micellaire" is an amazing one-step cleanser for both eyes and face. Bioderma is a backstage staple at fashion shows and makeup artists have been raving about this French phenomenon for ages.

And I'm giving away a giant bottle of Bioderma, the size of which is not available in the UK!  *(That I've seen)

If you don't know what it is...  here's what I thought of it:

Before I tried Bioderma I was worried it may be too drying for my skin. Some one-step cleansers have that horrible alcohol smell and not-quite-clean feel. However the Bioderma Sensibio formula (known as Crealine in France) is the perfect mix of gentle, but pow-pow powerful. Put a couple drops on a cotton pad and wipe away the day! The beauty is, it feels like water on your skin.

As I have combination oily skin, I also tried Bioderma Sebio (Bioderma for oily skin) which had a slightly more mattifying effect and was fab for preparing my skin for makeupI didn't feel comfortable using Bioderma Sebio on my eyes as an eye make-up remover though. Bioderma Sebio left my eyes, not uncomfortable, but ...'ow you say? Certainly thirsty for eye cream!

And now? I use Bioderma regularly, particularly on those nights where I'm being laaazy and would have normally used a face wipe/just passed out. My face is squeaky clean, super fast. Super.

GET ON TO THE GIVEAWAY: what have I got for you today...?

It's the biggest bottle of Bioderma I could find. At half a litre in size, its an absolute mammoth in comparison to what they're selling in the UK.
I haven't seen this giant size in any shops or on any of the usual UK retailer sites (i.e. Escentual, LookFantastic, SpaceNK) so can we consider it an exclusive?  I THINK SO!!

Big Bioderma vs Normal Bioderma size

Given that the UK RRP of this the tiny bottle is £5, I can only imagine how much of a bottle of this would go for.  And im giving away this brand-new bottle for free! 

All you have to do is enter via the Raffle Copter widget below. Easy .

Thanks for all the support in getting this far! And please do keep reading, it really means a lot that someone's enjoying what I write. 

It also means a lot to my housemates who have finally found a way to escape my poor chat.


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