Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm: Di-awesome or Di-awful?

At a London Bbloggers Meetup last month, I decided to treat myself to a little high end purchase. This is what happens when a group of beauty obsessed enablers get together!! 

Just picture me repeating my 'Do I need it? Do I NEED IT?" mantra (very much like Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic.)

And unfortunately at the Dior counter it went something like this. 

Dior Lip Glow? ...I have... lips! I have lips! I NEED IT. I'll buy this and this alone!

Anyway, film quotes aside. What is it? Just a lip balm? No my friends, this is a Colour Reviver Balm. It's a gorgeous gliding lip balm which changes colour according to your unique skin composition. Magic!

For the 'here's the Science part' lovers out there, the colour reaction is actually to do with the pH of your lips.

Here's the photo evidence

The colour on me was a natural pink - similar to a tinted lip balm in terms of colour power but with that added 'Dior' feeling.

...Of course I'm talking about that feeling that only an expensive product gives you. Ahhhh. (Without a doubt its ALL IN MY HEAD but whatevs, I am a willing and faithful slave of the marketing machine.)

More science part

In the interests of science, I introduce fellow blogger and new pal Kimberley of Kimberley's Beauty Blog! HIYA.

We both tried this on at the counter and both fell in love with it! As we have completely different hair and skin tones, we thought it would be in the interests of beauty science to include a comparison of the colour on us.....

As you can see, on me it's slightly lighter and more of a baby, salmon pink, whereas on Kim it's more of a rose pink. (And yes, I actually googled the 'Shades of Pink'  Wikipedia page to make sure I got my tones were right..)

When to wear?

The Dior gal told us you can wear it alone or wear it under lipstick to enhance the colour. Multi-purpose. Good.

I started using this every day in place of lip balm but dry-lipped lovelies LISTEN UP! I don't think Dior Lip Glow is on par with a lip balm -  it was a good little moisture-hit during the day but wasn't enough to fix my crispy lips.

That said, I'm glad I bought this as it provides the perfect 'no lipstick' look. I team it with big black eyes in nights out for that 'nude lip' look - adding enough colour to your lips so that you don't look like a foundation-mouth zombie in photos.

So what do you think? Di-awesome or Di-awful?  (Man, my puns are waaasted in Finance)

Have you tried this? What kind of pink was it on you?


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