A trez bon weekend in Paris

Ahhhh Paris – the city of love, fine food, wine and culture. And last weekend, it was the city for me!

I never normally get to stay in fancy hotels but, long story short, we got comped a couple of free nights in the Junior Suite at the most beeeeautiful and luxurious hotel -  Le Grand Hotel at Opera. 

I say Junior Suite, I mean Junior HOUSE. There was a walk in wardrobe and the bathroom had a sofa in it!! 

The bed was so big, it makes 6ft Mr FV look like an elf.. here's an teeny picture.

Enough about the hotel. What were my Beauty highlights?

Going to the BIGGEST Sephora ever – look how it just goes on and on and on. I spent about 2 hours in here...

Wandered through the beauty halls at the Printemps department store and Galeries Lafayette – have you ever seen so much Bourjois and La Roche Posay in one place?!

And of course, one of the prime "to do's" was going beauty shopping in a big French pharmacie. LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM!

What did I buy?

A "couple" of French favourites obvs!

 Caudalie Beauty Elixir (only 9euros) – for those that dun know, this is a toner/refresher spray which is meant to provide instant radiance. It smells nice :)

- Caudalie Lip Conditioner - Along with kirby grips and hair ties, lip balms are one of those things I lose ALL the time. So i added another one to my collection!

- Bourjois Nail Art Brush - I picked up this nifty little nail art brush which comes with one end for french manicure stripes, and a dotting end.

- Bourjois Nail Art Pack - This is a little pack full of stickers, stencils and nail art tape. I hadn't seen this in the UK before!

And my fave buy?

This nifty little makeup brush I bought in Sephora

This is perfect for travellers and on-the-go fixes.

It actually pulls apart into three mini brushes - as you can see, there's one for smudging, one for lining and one  for applying everything else!

Mission Completed?

And of course - I went to seek the Holy Grail. Bioderma!!! (yes it is worthy of all those exclamation marks).

Only recently launched in the UK, Bioderma is the range we're all talking about. Their solution micellaire is a make-up artist staple and it's an effective way to remove makeup and cleanse the skin without overdrying.

Because I like to spoil you guys, I actually brought a couple of bottles back, the biggest of which I'm GIVING AWAY soon on my blog.

Have you tried any of the products I bought? What French products are on YOUR wishlist?

What are your favourite things about Paris? What should I do next time? 

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