Mmmmmint green: H&M Nail Polish

Mmmm. I love Mint Green as a colour. It reminds me of mint choc chip (undeniably the best flavour of ice cream) and sunny, happy days.

Pastels are the epitome of spring and mint green is beautiful on its own, or even when paired with other ice-cream shades. I love this shade because it goes with everything from lilac to turquoise and is wearable both day and night. Hooray for flexibility.

For those not native to British weather, we've been having a bit of a cold spell until this week when suddenly the grey clouds have parted and some sunshine has decided to arrive late to the party. Hooray for sunshine.

Naturally, all my makeup is still in hibernation winter mode - lots of dark reds and blues - so when I saw this nail polish in H&M, I just had to have it! 

Time for a bit of a Spring feeling!

Yes, I was queuing to pay at the time, and I AM THAT SUCKER who reaches for the row of goodies deliberately lined up next to shoppers waiting to pay. They get me EVERY time. (I’ve got no will power, I’m not even going to fight it.)

That, and it was only £1.99! Bargain.

On the nails, its very pale – almost a minted white! As with a lot of cheap lighter colours, I found it very hard to apply evenly. I had to do at least 4 coats to get even coverage. Does anyone else find that with light colours, or is it just cheap brands??

Nailed it?

I don’t buy cosmetics from Fashion brands normally but I have to say fashion brands produce great, on-trend colours on a super-timely basis. I’ll see glittery lilac in a fashion mag, and boom – there’s lilac nail polish on the shelf, ready for me to rock it once and never wear again until it’s come-back season. 

Hmm... maybe that's why the bottle's so teeny?  (it really is teeeeny!)

For more classic colours, I’d rather buy from a cosmetic brand but for a quick fix this nail polish did the job jusssst right. Not very well, but good enough for a quick and cheap colour hit.

I think that's fair enough given that our weather could change at ANY MINUTE. Who knows, I might be back to the dark reds and blues tomorrow? (but I blimmin hope not!!)

Have you tried the H & M makeup range? Do you notice lighter colours are harder to apply?

More importantly, IS IT FINALLY SPRING? Will the sunshine be here to stay?


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