Easter Special: DIY Speckle Nails

Four things.

Its Easter. I love Nail Polish. I love Mini Eggs. I LOVE NAIL POLISH THAT LOOKS LIKE MINI EGGS.

So welcome to my Easter special post which will be unashamedly full of excited capitals and references to mini eggs (affectionately known to me as meggs) - if you dun know - get to know.

Anyway! Ever since Illamasqua launched their Speckled nail polish, I have been absolutely hankering for a bottle (or three) of that subtly mottled nail paint in pastel colours.

But for those of you who, like me, already own enough nail polish to repaint a WHOLE car, buying more nail polish is probably not the best way to keep the bank balance healthy.  It's £14.50 a bottle! You don't need to be an accountant to know that shiz does not bode well for your finances.

SO. Typical Face Value style, I'm going to show you a nice little DIY I did yesterday. It's an easy way to do speckled nails with the polish you've probably already got.

My take on Speckled Nails is a slightly less subtle (but more fun!) version of the original - it's actually coloured glitter sandwiched between pastel coats cos these babies are GOING OUT OUT with me tonight.

essie barry m models own nail polish speckle nails

It's so simple and so easy  - here's how I did it.....

1. Pick your pastels

Which mini eggs are your favourite colours? I know they all taste the same but come on, we've all got our favourite flavour Smartie and M&M right? (my answer is blue or brown)

Today, I used:

  • 17 Lasting Fix in Sherbet Lemon (Yellow) 
  • 17 Lasting Fix in Mint Choc Chip (Pastel Blue)
  • Barry M Nail Paint in Strawberry Ice Cream (Pink)
  • Essie in Bikini So Teeny (Lilac Blue)
  • 17 Lasting Fix in Orange Soda (Light Coral) 

Hahah this reminds me of Keenan & Kel - who loves Orange Soda??? Please tell me someone knows this, don't make me feel old..

essie barry m models own nail polish speckle nails

2. Sandwich that glitter!

Apply a coat of darker glitter polish - I used Model's Own in Disco Mix because it was specks of navy and magenta for a bit more of a colourful & fun speckled-egg look. Check out my other review on that badboy.

FaceValueTip: Black glitter will work well - and large glitter is better than fine glitter for creating that speckled nail look.

Once the glitter coat is dry, apply another coat of the pastel colour on top to sandwich the glitter in between. This will really take down the lumosity of the glitter for more of a speckle effect.

The "jelly sandwich" technique also adds depth to the design so it starts to look a bit more 3D and interesting.... these pics taken on my phone really don't do it justice!

essie barry m models own nail polish speckle nails

3. Seal the design

Finally, keep everything in place with a thick top coat to amp up the glossy texture and prevent chipping. My favourite is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Topcoat which dries within seconds and gives that lovely gel feel which you only get when you have Shellac or UV nails done!

And there you go - party-ready mini egg nails - my speckled nails with a twist! What do you think?

Now time to go tuck into a bag of mini eggs, my favourite. I'm going to have lots of fun putting my fingers in and being like "OMGGG WHERE HAVE MY FINGERS GONE??"  cos my humour is really top notch.... hmmm


Hope you now go find out about Keenan & Kel and have a real think about what your favourite colour Smarties or M&M is...


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