Are you hooked? Urban Decay Lip Junkie

As you may have seen from my 28kisses lip challenge, I am sliiightly addicted to lip products - lipsticks, lip stain, lip gloss - anything that helps my mouth detract from my awwwwwful jokes is good with me!!

And so - I just HAD to mention this aptly named product - the Lip Junkie lipgloss by Urban Decay.

It's slick, it's shiny and most importantly IT LOOKS AWESOME!  It looks like a lipgloss version of a jewelled sword. A perfect weapon of choice for shiny lips. 
MWAHA! Bad joke number one..

And it tastes yummy too.

It tastes minty with a slight hint of rose, and I'm pretty sure the menthol helps plump my lips up too. 

I hate glosses that have that artificial taste and smell - like barbies dipped in vanilla, bleurgh. (interestingly my PC is suggesting babies dipped in vanilla but that's a whole different, most likely illegal, suggestion altogether)

Moving on!

Applied directly to the lips, this gloss lasted about 2 hours before starting to clump around the sides. Not bad.

The colour is Flushed – a lovely mid-pink that looks really natural and pretty. 

On the lips its soft and padded and feels really luxurious.

The only downside I'd say is the applicator - its fine for finger application fans  but takes some getting used to if you like direct and accurate wand application.

Urban Decay do a whooole range of colours, including a unique sheer black colour called Perversion which also contains lip plumpers! Think I’ve found the next gloss for my list..!

You can buy Lip Junkie, plus the rest of the Urban Decay range, on Look Fantastic where the Lip Junkie currently sells for £13  (RRP £16.77)

Any other huge URBAN DECAY fans out there? Anyone tried this? What do you think?

Has anyone tried the black gloss??

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