#28Kisses: Revlon Lip Balm Stain

Today marks the first day of #28Kisses – where I will be wearing a different lip colour each day for the whole of February. Thankfully I have chosen the shortest month of the year, mainly because I am lazy, not because I don’t have enough lipsticks...

I’m going to be showcasing a range of colours and textures along with suggestions of what to wear them with and when to wear them.  HOW DELIGHTFUL.

There are a whole load of other blogs participating – just search for the hashtag #28kisses.  I wish I could say this was in aid of some sort of deserving charity, but it’s not, perhaps you'd sponsor me to do all 28? Just go with it!

Kiss Number 1

Today, I’ve got Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain. (not to be confused with Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain Balm, also another product by Revlon)

This shade is Lovesick, a pretty pink that can really ‘pop’ once you layer it on. I wear this with a pale matte base, curled lashes and a bit of dewy shine on the cheeks for a lovely hit of wide-awake colour and radiance to counteract the current grey weather we're enjoying...

Now I bought this assuming it might be a light flush of colour on the lips, but if you layer it up, boy-oh-boy does it pack a punch!

One coat gives you a nice flush

Two coats and its in lipstick territory!

The balm itself is very lightweight, semi-glossy and it lingers on the lips for friggin aages! A lipstain it is!

In terms of moisturising ability, it’s not quite a substitute for lip balm but it slides on smoothly and has a lovely non-sticky finish.

“Do I detect a hint of minty freshness? “ 

Why yes Donkey! The Lip Balm Stain has a light minty smell - but not so much that I would say it’s mint-flavoured.  It’s not strong enough in my opinion, but I'm biased cos I love mint!

The pen applicator is very Chubby Stick and great fun to use! No sharpening required and easy to find in your handbag!

Perfect for lipstick newbies who want the colour without the thick (and sometimes unforgiving) cover of an actual lipstick.

What do you think? Anyone tried this compared to a Chubby Stick? Are pen applicators easier to apply?



ps *No lipsticks were harmed in the making of #28Kisses.

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