Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle

"That's why her hair's so big.... it's full of secrets."

I’m gonna say it straight up - I love big hair. I don't care if it's associated with girls who have more air in their head than brains, for me backcombing is an almost daily activity. I saw this bottle in Boots and I had to try it out.

Backcomb In A Bottle: £5.61

How does it work?

To use it, you spray it into the areas you want to boost and “jshush” it up. Seriously, these are the actual instructions on the bottle! I've never known how to spell jshush before..

My take on "jshushing" hair, involves using my fingers to lift and massage the hair into shape. Is there an official method?

Anyway, freshly “jshushed”, my hair definitely had noticeable lift and volume but 5-minutes err, post jshush, it was already back down to it’s fat-heffer “I’ll just lay here and chill” self.  Disappointing.

As a seasoned back-comber, I was expecting this product to give me the booufed up look with minimal combing and although it has a bit of hold, it just doesn't give the volume you’d expect from a trusty backcomb. I do reckon it will work noticeably better on finer hair, but it’s still more of a boosting hair scent  rather than a backcomb substitute.

Any fine haired gals wanna take this off my hands?

I'll say something nice though - it smells good and the bottle looks good. Other than that, at £5.61 a can (precise pricing from Boots), I can get a better lift, for cheaper, from a volume hairspray. I’m so disappointed, I was really rooting for this product too!

Definitely not as effective as the good ole comb but it’s a nice foundation to spray in the hair before you get the comb out!

Once I get a webcam sorted out, I’m going to upload a demo of the best way to backcomb your hair, whilst also minimising damage and not looking like you've electrocuted yourself. 
Watch this space.

Any seasoned backcombers out there? Do you still backcomb even though it damages the hair? COS I DO.

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