Tangle Teezer : No ordinary brush

Its the morning after the night before and last night some serious backcombing sins were committed!  That moment when you know you just won't be able to get the knots out of your hair the next day, but you want just a teeny bit more oomph?

And so it was for months, I used to dread brushing my hair the next day just in case I broke the brush or lost it in the small hedgerow that my hair had become.

But then I met the Tangle Teezer which, although looks like a giant version of what I used to brush my Barbie horse with, is actually pretty darn good!

A standard Saturday morning

History Lesson

This was actually taken to the Dragon's Den back in like 2008 or something and, can you believe it,  they actually rejected it! Also Deborah Meaden profusely denied the fact that her hair was coloured  - can't believe that either..

Well I bet the inventor Shaun Pulfrey is certainly having the last laugh. I bought my first Tangle Teezer that year and 5 years later - it's still in one piece and still giving my knots a good seeing-to.

My trusty knots destroyer

The shape is unique, like no hairbrush I've seen before. It's ergonomically designed to fit your hand, it sits comfortably and is easy to grip. Very important when you've got some serious sailor knots to undo. The only downside is that it looks a bit budget in comparison to the Mason & Pearsons in my drawer but it's well made - no sharp corners or edges.

Plus the latest range comes in all sorts of lovely shiny finishes and colours, like shiny coral or electric blue so beauty magpies can covet and collect to their hearts content!

How does it work?

It's all in the bristles. The bristles are multi-layered, designed to grip and undo knots and tangles in your hair. Because the bristles are bendy, they flex with your hair thus minimising breakage and damage.

I've got long, reasonably thick hair but this will definitely work with short or fine hair too.

How to Teeze those Tangles

Start from the bottom!

Comb from the tips of the hair down, going higher each time, working your way up through the middle of the hair.

By the time you reach the roots, there should be no more tangles! You are now free to continue your day like the modern Rapunzel you are. Hooray!

Lookfantastic.com sells them from £9.99 with FREE DELIVERY which is pretty good seeing that this is something you'll basically use twice a day for a while! They really do last as long as a normal hairbrush, I've had this one for half a decade! 

And for the value fiends out there - being the creative (aka slightly mental) individual that I am, I also have several alternative uses for it other than detangling...

  • It's great for jshushing up your hair when used with dry shampoo.
  • Use it to backcomb some height into your roots - which it will then help detangle later - it's BOTH the Devil AND Angel on my shoulder!!
  • Brushing your lovely fur scarfs/coats that got horribly abused by UK weather and ended up matted & knotted.
  • Scalp Massager - lovelyyyyy feeling, and much easier to use than that spider prong orgasmatron thing I've seen in shops (Google it, I'm sure I didn't just make that word up)

Do you have any alternative uses for your Tangle Teezer?

Do you suffer from tangles naturally or are they self-inflicted through backcombing like mine?

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