Beauty Storage Ideas for Not-So- Secret Hoarders

Neither a Face nor Value topic today - but a combined one! How can you store all your beloved trinkets and beauty bits without breaking the bank?

I'm kinda a little bit of a MASSIVE hoarder. I can't throw stuff away - I love keeping things 'just in case'. So I actually combine both of my passions by trying to find alternative uses for the bits and bobs I can't bear to part with.

And storage is one of them!

Fellow blogger Aspirations of Glam recently asked for ideas for beauty storage - and it inspired me to show you my little world.

My theory is: there is a reason to keep EVERYTHING. If not, I will find you one. I like to think it's because I hate waste, but that's just kidding myself really...

On the plus side - the more uses you have for your 'stuff', there are more reason there is to keep it all! Take that, Logic!

1. Gift boxes and packaging

The ones that are just too pretty to throw away. Like this Benefit box I got for Christmas one year - it was just too nice to bin - AND it has a clasp to keep it closed. 

I now use it for cotton pads and cotton buds.

2. Same goes for tins too 

This Clinique Bonus Time tin was beautiful - I now store big brushes in it.

I think I managed to bin the lid though. Progress.

3. Don't be a mug - use a mug! 

Novelty mugs or even normal mugs. This mug was bought as a souvenir from Vegas - it's too big to use normally, but its perfect for my little makeup brushes. 

4. The new Jewellery Box

This Anna Dello Russo for H&M box is amazing and housed an equally amazing gold cuff.

It's now a dedicated shelter to lots of other homeless pieces, and they live very happily together. Ahhhhh.

And the beauty is - I didn't have to buy any of this storage - it all came with stuff I already had. 

So re-consider splashing out cash on buying boxes and drawers for your makeup! Look around the home and see what you can find!  (then let me know yeah, help a fellow hoarder out - THANKS)

Are there any other not-so-secret hoarders out there? 

How do you store your makeup? Do you organise your stuff, or just chuck it all in? 


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