Go Big Or Go Home? Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo

For those of you who have been following this blog during its first few weeks, you will already know that I'm allll about things BIG.

Get yer minds out the gutter, it's not even the weekend yet - I'm talking big hair, big lashes, big lips- oh, and big bargains and big surprises too.

Ticking at least two of the above is Batiste XXL. God, isn't dry shampoo such a GREAT invention? I am no stranger to dry shampoo given that I am no stranger to laziness and definitely no stranger to the snooze button! 

I've been using the Batiste for almost a decade now and it's perfect for those desperate mornings when you're running late and your hair is two slicks and a seagull away from an oil rig. Gross.

And as the range developed, I tried the different fragrances - Blush, Boho, Tropical - all were fab at doing their job but then I discovered XXL and it was like I'd been eating margarine all my life and just discovered butter.

(unrelated note, I friggin LOVE butter)

Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight?

Batiste XXL is specifically designed to boost AND volumise your hair whilst also wicking away oil and grease. Gotta love a multitasking product. It's a completely different formulation to the other Batiste products and boy oh boy - it has results! HOORAY.

I've got so many sprays & mousses which promise volume and height but they only go so far. In terms of volume, XXL goes to that line and CROSSES IT! Go big or go home.

And for those who live by 'seeing is believing' - see the results below...and BELIEVE!


The formulation is definitely different - it's somewhat stickier than the others but not in a heavy way. My hair type can easily handle it but finer haired honeys will need to go easier on this than you normally would with other cans.

FaceValue Tip:  Start with a smaller amount than normal and then build up gradually. It doesn't need to be thoroughly combed through either if you're worried about breakage.

Instructions for use

It's not rocket science. Three simple steps.

Spray into the roots
Massage it in & push hair into shape

Flip your hair about in joy cos it's FRIGGIN MASSIVE.

You will notice your hair feels a bit stiffer than normal with it in - but I guess that's why it works!! 

I also found it slightly darker than the other dry shampoo, not as white. Perfect for dark-haired gals like me who would just like to put it out there and let you know, FYI, "I DON'T HAVE NITS, IT'S DRY SHAMPOO"

Ideal for fellow backcombers, bouffant beauties and fans of BIG-ness, this is one of my favourite products and it's still an absolute bargain at £3.99.....

And so the BIG adventures continue, one volumising product at a time...

How much of a lifesaver is dry shampoo?!! What's your favourite one? Can you even choose a favourite in the Batiste range?

ps Am I alone - or  do you ever get dry shampoo dandruff paranoia too... someone please say yes, ok thaaaanks.


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