Young Person’s 16-25 Railcard & Oyster

The end of my 16-25 Railcard (formerly Young Person’s Railcard) is nearing far too quickly. To me, the definition of becoming a full grown adult is when you are no longer deemed young enough for a Young Person's Railcard!

Among my friends, there's discussion of when exactly is the last day that you can buy a railcard. Some say it's day before 25th, some say you can get a three year railcard when you're 25 -  I decided to confirm it once and for all...

I can confirm that you can actually buy a one year railcard all the way up to the day before your 26th birthday, so really you can be covered up to the day before you turn 27. (So really it's a 16-27 railcard?? Why don't they just call it that?)

Not yet 24? you can buy a three-year railcard up to the day before your 24th birthday, so you’ll be covered until the day before your 27th.

Right - basics aside. Let's talk about the use of Railcard with TFL..

Now, obviously you "16-25"s out there know about your third off National Rail train fares and Travelcards, but did you know you can also use your Young Person’s railcard with your Oyster? Most of my friends have got a railcard, but rarely use it now that they live in London and don't use overground trains.

ERROR. Your Railcard gets you a third off of Oyster fares at off-peak times (ie all weekend journeys and weekdays where you tap in after 9:30am and after 7pm)  All but one of my friends knew about this - the rest were really surprised to hear they could use their railcard with Oyster - so now you know!

How much could you save?

(yessssss! Finally, I get to get some numbers involved..!)

Price without Railcard
Price with Railcard
Zones 1-2
Zone 1-4
Zone 1-6
Zones 1-9

These may look like insignificant amounts, but they really do add up. Even if you only travel off peak on the weekend - pne trip to the shops and back, saves you at least £1.40 and up to £2.50, enough for another single trip.

The big picture

Let’s say you use your oyster for one return trip every weekend. With the railcard assigned to your oyster, you could get 160 journeys for the price you paid for 104.
So if you live in zones 1-4 – that’s a saving of £145 a year just on one trip a week. So if you travel more than that….. what are you waiting for?

And all you have to do is take your Oyster and your Young Person’s to any Underground ticket office and they will link them for you. Only one visit to the counter for a whole year, and you’re sorted.

Finally - as a reward for reading - see my 16-25 railcard below, complete with photo of 19 year old me!! OHHHH MAN.


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