Top Cashback websites: Get paid to shop online.

Yes – you heard me. What if you got paid a percentage of your spend every time you shopped online? WELL YOU CAN.

Welcome to the world of cashback sites.

The annoying man that does the MC Hammer dance. I'd like to see him in a fight with the Go Compare man.

I’ll be honest, I never wanted to use them before. I have a million internet accounts that I no longer remember my login details for, do I reeeally need another?

Also - I thought it would only be teeny amounts and only from unknown shopping sites selling things I won’t ever actually use. Like coloured hats! Seriously I have so many hats that I never actually wear…. Anyway. 

Consider me converted!! Upon further research, I realised that, actually, most of the sites I use are all involved. And, the earnings are considerably more than expected, I’m talking hundreds of pounds here.

Anyone shop at ASOS, Argos, Debenhams, Tesco?? All huge names which we spend hundreds of pounds a year – all signed up to cashback sites.

How do they work?

Basically – you sign up to a site, and instead of going directly to say,, you’d go through a link from the cashback website which records your visit and then pays you X% of the amount you’ve spent.

Here are some example rates you can get:

  • Tesco Direct – 4.5%
  • Argos – 5%
  • Urban Outfitters – 6%
  • Boots Online (new customer)– 6%
  • New Look 7%
  • - 7%

And it doesn’t stop with Retail – those of you looking to signup for a new TV package, internet or phone package can also get cashback – just search for the brand you’re looking for, I was really surprised at how many big names are involved.

But of course – lets not dive into things straight away – here’s a couple of sensible Value tips for you:

  • There are plenty of free cashback sites out there – you shouldn’t have to pay for anything, especially joining or withdrawing your money.
  • Cashback sites aren’t Government protected, so if the one you’re signed up to goes bust, you aren’t guaranteed to get any money that’s still owed to you.
  • Therefore, never store your cashback on the site – withdraw it as soon as possible!
  • Finally – and this is the hardest one for me personally – don’t let the cashback cloud your judgement! Don’t buy a £50 product with £10 cashback, when you can just buy the product for £20. Think of the cashback site as an easy bonus for shopping online as opposed to a money-making arrangement.

So which ones to join?

Due to the whole going-bust-not-covered deal, I looked at the biggest, most established sites such as Topcashback, Quidco.

Ultimately, I chose Topcashback because the rates for my favourite shopping sites were higher than Quidco. Also, they even gave me a £5 high street voucher for registering!

So if you’re interested in joining – heeeere’s my referral link at Topcashback ) - naturally they offer a nice cash reward for each referral I make! ;)

I reckon, based on my spending on Boots and ASOS alone, I can probably get at least an extra £200 a year, all just by clicking online via a cashback site….

Oh go onnn then.

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