Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Foundation

I was never really into liquid foundation. Despite the great coverage of liquid foundation, I was paranoid it would clog up my skin so I used mineral powder foundation which was meant to be better for the teenage explosions on my face. However, now that the golden days of puberty are long behind – I’ve started to experiment with foundations a bit more....

I've spent a lot of time getting acquainted with a variety of types - I found cream-to-powder too heavy, stick foundations too thick and mousse foundations too drying. Mineral powder foundation was a lovely middle ground, but only helped with coverage and coverage is only one of many many cosmetic concerns.

For those of you with normal/combination oily skin, you may have met our pal, MR SHINE. He starts on your nose, then works his shiny way around your t-zone and will always turn up uninvited in any photos of you taken with the flash on. Thanks Mr Shine.

To be fair, there are a whoooole load of products out there that address this but a lot of them are either a) terrible or b) really bloody terrible. I’ve been through mousse foundations, primers, mattify this, oil free that and, honestly, nothing has come close to the anti-shine effect of this foundation.
Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Foundation: £21.50

Is it good?

I'm going to make a statement - it’s mattifying power is phenomenal!! I walk to work every day – (well, when it’s not raining and when I’m not late) – okay so I walk to work sometimes, but WHEN I DO, my face often ends up resembling the coming of Noah’s flood. Same for whenever I get the Northern or Central Line during rush hour. Gross.

However, I put this foundation on and boom – sweat and shine be gone! It’s a mattifying foundation but I really think they should call it “tinted anti-perspirant for your face” which probably shows why I’m in finance, not marketing..

The finer details

The finish is certainly not as matte as mousse or powder foundations, but I actually prefer it because it’s the right side of dewy to look nicely natural. Shine-purists out there may want to quickly dust a light coat of powder on top.

Colour wise, there’s a wide range of shades out there which most Clinique counter girls are absolutely BUSTING to apply across your cheeks in stripes next to each other. Seriously, I looked like some sort of bizarre foundation zebra but it is a great way to pick the best shade for your skin.

The picture below proves why you should never pick a foundation based on the back of your hand! Always try the foundation on your face and not directly under those florescent lights they use to light up the make-up aisle.

I understand though that trying foundation on your face is not always possible. To be honest - battling a group of teenagers for a spot at the tiny mirror in the Boots makeup aisles can be rather trying on your self esteem - especially when they refer to "the Year 11 Prom" whilst trying the same lipstick as you.

FACE VALUE TOP TIP.  Bring a sample of your existing foundation/concealer on a piece of card - and then try the testers next to them. Obviously fold the card before you put it in your bag.

Final Thoughts?

For those of you prone to an outbreak, fear not, it's oil free and non-comodegenic which is just the posh way of saying it doesn't block your pores.

As you can see, post-foundation there's been a big improvement in texture, but it's still dewy enough to look quite natural. 

The coverage is perfect for daily use, but it's not industrial enough to cover all beauty sins - extra concealer needs to be used for big blemishes.

But for me, this product is not about the finish or the coverage - it's about the shine prevention!

This is definitely a great foundation for those who are prone to the shine monster, and for those who (like me) just can’t stop walking so bloody fast...


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