A Time For Action

Is anyone else's body clock severely RUINED? 

Thanks to the Christmas holidays, midnight now appears to be my new "time for action" hour. 

1. I tweeted about 10 times in the #bbloggers beauty chat. 10 tweets being roughly equal to my all-time number of tweets before today.

2. I realised that I did not have a Followers box on my page, therefore all the above tweets asking people to follow my blog were... pointless. Hey I said it was my "time for action" hour, not my "time for progress" hour.

3. I have since added a Followers box on the side of the page. Let's be friends?

4. I then got disheartened at the fact I had no followers and Google Friend Connect loved reminding me. I felt like the Bridget Jones of the blog world with "absolutely no messages, not even from your mother".

5. So I followed myself. I don't know whether to feel better or not. It's the unique feeling of satisfaction whilst also feeling incredibly LAME.


6. As my last act before I try and make myself fall asleep at a reasonable time today - I have just joined BLOGLOVIN.

Here is my fancy button for all you Bloglovin users out there! Everyone loves a fit-inducing, flashing Eiffel Tower right?

Follow on Bloglovin

Good luck to everyone trying to get their body clocks running on normal time!

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