So there isn’t exactly a formula for getting rich quick, but there’s definitely a secret that helped me earn (and save) thousands of pounds over the last few years. The secret, my friends, is called a side hustle. 

A side hustle? Y'know, a part time job or way of earning money that isn’t your regular day–to-day. Blogging is a great example of how you can earn extra money whilst working a full time job but let’s be honest, taking selfies and proclaiming your life's details online isn't for most normal people.

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Money Monday: How To Earn More Cash With A Side Hustle

You know how getting ready is sometimes almost as good as going out? Well, I sort of think that shopping for Christmas is a little bit similar. Y'know, with the exception of the whole RUNNING AROUND IN A PANIC not knowing who to get what and when. Just thinking about it gives me the urge to drown my sorrows in mulled wine.

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Christmas Shopping Made Easy: Handpicked Gifts For Everyone

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is coming. All the TV adverts are out, it's hats and gloves weather - I've even got a tree and negotiated with Mr FV the earliest date I can put it up (29 November - but I'd have it up now if it were up to me!)

With a whole range of Beauty Boxes available, it's really difficult to get the perfect one - there's always one product in the box that you're not keen on right? So why not make your own? I saw this great tip on  about making a personalised Beauty Box/Hamper and decided to give it a go. 

Here are the instructions I followed. Watch my video on YouTube and see how I got on! Keep reading for details on how to win the box!

Stuck on what to get the beauty fan in your life? Here are some classics that always go down well...

My Top Picks For Beauty Box Fillers

And you can WIN this too! Worth £95. Just enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The box contains a Jack Wills Microwavable Hottie, Chloe Eau De Perfume 30ml, No7 Star Bauble, Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float, French Connection Lip Gloss x 3 & Nail Polish x 2, Ghost Perfume Bauble. All available at Boots.

Will post internationally. Competition ends 12 December.

Good luck!

What would you have in your personalised beauty box? What do you think of my final gift? Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook!

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VIDEO: Forget Beauty Boxes, Make Your Own Personalised Beauty Hamper!

Trying to tame frizzy, damaged hair is the worst. Is there a permanent way to fix it? You might think that frizz is only for a problem for our curly-haired friends but straight-haired gals and all in between will get it too! I do! Fortunately, there's a keratin treatment called K-Fusion that will fight the frizz AND without damaging your hair. 

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Bye-bye Brazilian Blowdry! K-Fusion Keratin Treatment at Sejour Salon

A quick photo blog today, showcasing my latest Boohoo dress obsession.

It's this lovely Charlotte Smudge Print shirt dress, perfect for this wintery mood that we're in. It's only £15, such a bargain. It feels silky and super luxe, definitely more than the £15 price tag!

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What I Wore: Boohoo Dress & Bunny Trainers

So I'm thinking about changing up my hair colour again this winter. It's been red, it's been purple, it's been blue (accidentally) and now I'm thinking of going burgundy.. WHO KNOWS? To be fair, it'll be any hair colour that I can get away with at work.

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9 Ridiculous Problems You'll Understand If You Have Coloured Hair

This is a bit of an overdue one! FINALLY, the one for the Fashion fans who have been asking for more outfit details on the purple suit I wore for London Fashion Week.

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What I Wore: Tailoring Trend - Look Sharp In A Coloured Suit

When it comes to skincare and body products, I find there's often a trade-off between what smells and feels nice, vs what actually works. Why can't products just be perfect? 

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New Dove DermaSpa Body Range - What's Best For Winter Skin?

With the end of October in sight, winter is fully on the way and my skin is already feeling the cold. With cold weather comes dry patches of skin, sore lips and dull, pale faces - how do we fix this?

It's simple, get invested into your skincare routine! Now that I'm well over 25, the days of just applying a bit of Nivea and hoping for the best are officially over. I've had to accept that I need to actually do a bit more with my skincare these days, it's not just remembering to take off my makeup after a night out (which is hard enough as it is!!)

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Younger Looking Super Skin With The New Liz Earle Superskin Serum

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