Some of you may have gathered that I'm partial to a bit of DIY when it comes to my hair. Not only is it cheaper, but there's something satisfying about doing your hair yourself and then seeing the results!

Basically, I realised that I kept coming back from the hairdresser, only half-pleased with my hair. (Oh yeah, and I also hate the hairdresser- here's why.) 

I figured that instead of shelling out the big bucks each time, I would become a have-a-go hairdresser ....and then pay a real hairdresser to fix my experiment after (hopefully not necessary!)

And the gamble paid off!! I've been doing my own hair cuts and hair colours for the last few years - with the exception of a birthday trip to Bleach London. And it's that trip to Bleach which has sort of inspired today's hair adventure. 

Because I'm entering the big leagues and GETTING OUT THE BLEACH!!  SPOILER: I'm not going blonde btw. Soz.

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Home Hair Dye Adventure: It's BLEACHING Time.

Today's post isn't very glamorous but, with heightened awareness of Ebola and bird-flu related panic sweeping the country, I thought it was time to start facing up to facts, start thinking how I could protect myself and.....get an antibacterial hand gel. GENIUS!?!

Ohhhh antibac gels, I both love and hate them. 

They only make an appearance in my bag on holidays (when somehow they become necessary more than if you were at home?), or following an incident of gross-closeness on the tube when you're face to face with an incubus of viral plague... OR, as was the case this week, when a worldwide epidemic is all over the news and also (thanks to Bob Geldof, the walking fringe) your playlist too!

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A Non-Drying Hand Gel! EcoHydra Sanitiser

I've never been much of a perfume purchaser - I had the same perfume for about 4 years (Benefit Maybe Baby) but it got discontinued so I've started to experiment with scents and fragrance. (See my latest post on A New Way To Pick Fragrance!)

The thing is, sometimes the commercial fragrances out there just don't offer the scent you want. Too artificial, too samey, too blahh. On top of that, the specialist fragrance houses out there offer great unique scents.... but at sky high prices, boooo. 

Today's post is a little introduction to a great fragrance brand called The Library Of Fragrance - and boy-oh-boy, to quote Chandler, could that BE any more self-explanatory? 

The Library Of Fragrance is a vast collection of individual and unique smells, including crowd-pleasers like Baby Powder and Fresh Laundry in addition to intriguing and original scents like Grass, Playdoh and Tomato.....

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The Library Of Fragrance: Every scent you ever wanted!

I'm so excited about this post!! First and foremost - it's about Benefit makeup and secondly, it's about a LOT of Benefit makeup.

The Benefit blushers have been cult collectables for me ever since the first box of Dandelion landed in my lap aged 14. However, at £24 a pop, it's not cheap to collect them all.

Today's product solves that exact "i want them all, don't make me choose one" problem. It's the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot xmas special! Finally, 6 of their best selling blushers have all moved in under the same roof and quite literally - because the tin is a cute little house!!

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Benefit Blusher Swatches! The Cheeky Sweet Spot Collection

A girl on the what??? A girl on the ground!

Following my amazing London Fashion Week adventure, reporting for Yahoo Lifestyle as part of the Girls On The Ground duo (feat my blogging buddy, and all-round good egg, The Goodowl!) - I can FINALLY tell you the details behind my tantalising Top Secret hints which I've been leaving all over Twitter & Facebook.

The LFW Girls On The Ground was such a huge success that Yahoo Lifestyle have set up an exciting fashion and beauty project called the Girls On The Ground, a small group of bloggers united in a cause - to create some brilliant fashion & beauty content for you!

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It's official. I am a Yahoo Lifestyle Girl On The Ground.

It's happened! Another YouTube video has landed!

It's been a busy month at work, I've moved flat, I'm trying to downsize my wardrobe and sort out my life - SO MANY EXCUSES, I know!

The thing is, I absolutely love making YouTube videos but I just never get round to editing the videos on top of the blog as well.  So when fellow blogger Tania from WhenTaniaTalks tagged me in her Tag video, I thought - this is it - this is my chance to get on it and get another video out!

So I only went and actually DID IT!

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Back On Youtube! My first ever tag...MAKEUP ROULETTE.

Last week, I showed you a preview of the Lush Christmas range and this week? I've only gone and opened my Christmas presents early!!

Yup, I took home two Christmas gifts and opened them up straight away. None of this shaking around, guessing and squeezing business. SHOW ME THE GOODS!! THE NATURALLY SOURCED AND UK-MADE GOODS.

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Christmas Came Early: Lush Gifts, Unwrapped!

Not a full blog post today, but I just wanted to do a little roundup of my Halloween weekend! I never normally do much (except for sit and eat my weight in fun-size chocolate bars), so I thought this was worthy of a blog post.

I decided to go with Halloween Half-Face, a very popular look amongst bloggers and makeup artists this year, several variations of this was alllll over Instagram and Pinterest.

Overall, my fancy dress was a Dead Prom Queen vibe (okay okay, I just wanted to wear a crown!!) It was a very cheap outfit to do though, I just wore a dress I already had and bought a sash & crown on eBay for about £6!! BARGAIN.

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My Halloween Weekend, in pictures!

How do you pick your perfume? Do you see an advert, go smell it, and decide whether you like it? Do you just grab the prettiest looking bottle off the shelf? Or do you get recommendations from friends or magazines and then try it?

For me and many others out there, it's basically ALL OF THE ABOVE. But what if you'd like to buy a perfume for someone else? (Being the very generous individuals that you are, you lovely lot) Gifting perfume is normally a no-no unless that person has asked for it or if you know that person really really really well right? Well think again..!

Today's post is about an ingenius little gift box called Vivabox from The Perfume Shop. Basically, the gift box comes with several little samples of perfume for you to try - and then, once you've picked your favourite, there's a gift voucher for you to get the full-size bottle! Perfume gifted, easy.

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How To Pick Perfume: Vivabox Gift Box from The Perfume Shop

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