So last weekend marked an exciting time for Face Value Beauty Blog. I am venturing into the world of professional makeup artistry! HELLO new side hustle! I'm expanding my beauty obsession beyond myself and sharing my skills and tips with real, actual human beings rather than just the internet. Scary. 

And where else to start than at the deep end? A WEDDING. Yep, the biggest beauty day of many people’s lives. Obviously I am far too risk-averse to start my career with a bride, so I started with 4 bridesmaids instead. Better or worse?!

I’m going to do a series of posts about becoming a professional makeup artist, for anyone that’s considered it or even just generally interested! Today I’m talking about the basic kit that I’ve pulled together and then next week I’ll do a post showing the final looks, the products and techniques used.

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Be A Professional Makeup Artist. What's In My MUA Kit?

Hello new beauty friend! Another palette for my collection. Yes, I already have a full drawer dedicated to palettes and it's almost full but there's always room for another. Especially a do-it-all palette. Palettes that have essential light and dark eye shadows, completion powders to contour and highlight plus a pop of colour of possible. 

There's nothing I love more than do-it-all palettes but is it possible for a perfect palette that has everything? Well the new Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette is pretty close!

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The Perfect Palette? Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette

Finally – a bit of sunshine emerges through the clouds. You know what that means? It’s time to wear WHITE (and suncream)

Normally, the closest I’ll get to white workwear outfits is a white shirt. Or super-clean white trainers perhaps. It just seems a bit too dressy to go full-on white sometimes, I don’t know why that is but I always associate white with occasionwear, days at the races and holidays on the beach right?

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What I Wore To Work: New Meli Melo Bag & White Finery Workwear

MORE information on the EU Referendum? Or should I say more mindless opinion amongst the drama? I really thought twice about posting this - I really don't want to make this referendum more divise than it already is. However, it really wouldn’t be right if a 'money and makeup' blogger like myself kept quiet during the biggest decision of our economic lifetime. 

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Money Monday: The EU Referendum

So the sun is FINALLY here which is great news right?! Right? Maybe not. Unfortunately all this sun soaking has dehydrated my oily skin to a tight, itchy mess. The funny thing is, I would have NEVER have said I had sensitive skin. 

Seriously, the amount of chemical product I was layering onto my face through my teens was enough to make me feel like my skin was like leather, impervious to anything. 

It's like when people ask if you're allergic to anything in restaurants and I'm like STOMACH OF STEEL, bring it on! I always thought the same of my skin, until now. 

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Blog Favourites: My Tried & Tested Skincare For Dehydrated Skin!

Haircare can be high maintenance, and none more so than when you have demanding, neeeedy hair that requires a load of specialist product - you know what i'm saying if you've got coloured hair, damaged hair - or even if you're just a product fiend. (GUILTY OF ALL THE ABOVE)

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eSalon - A Match In Haircare Heaven & Posted To Your Door

Super excited to tell you guys about this one! On Thursday I was lucky enough to score an invite to the launch of the new Estee Lauder diffusion line - The Estee Edit. The official face for this new makeup and skincare range is none other than Kendall Jenner and she WAS THERE at the event.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge K-dash fangirl but I was reduced to an excited, quivering WRECK. I don't know what it is about megastars and celebrities but its like I lose all control of basic social functions and try and document EVERYTHING both mentally and on my phone.

No idea what is is. Maybe I AM just a big fangirl.

So it was an absolute CIRCUS inside, but I was stood in the best spot (completely accidentally) and Kendall came right up by me for the photo call! So obviously I got lots of photos, which I then splashed all over my Instagram!

I honestly don't know how she handles all the attention, there were flashes going off, people screaming - it's a lot to take in for someone her age, I have no idea how anyone copes with that!

Anyway - more about the makeup.

Like I said, the Estee Edit is a new line, aimed at a younger market than the traditional Estee Lauder customer. It was launched a while ago in the US, with the concept being all about simple, on-the-go makeup for the younger generation. Think lots of 2in1's, easy to use enhancers and portable products.

FINALLY, the line has dropped here in the UK and I was so excited to get my hands on it. NEW MAKEUP!!

My top picks?

First up, I really want to get this Beam Team Hydrate & Glow cream. It's a hydrating, tinted cream full of pearlescent glow and Hyaluronic Acid, for a plumped up complexion. I have a few of these sorts of creams but they're all cool-toned and this is a warmer golden tone.

Flip open the lid and you've got a mini cream highlighter, a love golden-beige to pat on for extra glow and transparent shine. Love a multi-tasker!

I'm a big fan of the Barest Lip Colour range! If you like your nudes and Kylie Jenner type beiges, then this is YOUR ONE. They are the perfect colours for everyday big lips. (see my Youtube tutorial for how to get huge looking lips and blog post tips here

The Barest Lip Colour formula contains Muru Muru butter to hydrate and is super creamy and lightweight. The finish is soft, with a delicate sheen for bigger looking lips. You can wear one coat for a sheer wash of colour, or layer it on for full supermodel coverage. LOVE them. I want to get at least three of them. Maybe more? (BIG OBVIOUS HINT FOR ANY OF MY FRIENDS READING THIS)

Check out the swatches of ALL 6 colours! The lipsticks have names but they're also numbered 1-6, so number 1 starts from the left.

Au Naturel, In The Flesh, Exposed, So Bare, In The Buff, Nude Scene

Those are my personal picks but big in the beauty game also are these Barest Blush compacts and the Hi Lo Stylo - a double ended highlighting/contouring pencil (suuuuuper blendable)

The Edit Eyeshadow Palette is super portable little compact with a range of dark and day duos. The duos are designed to be use alone or swirled together. 

The special part are the two transformer eyeshadows on the left. These shadows are black light shades which mean that they are sheer and shimmery in daylight but reflect light in black light, like a super 3D glowing effect.

This Flash Photo Gloss is meant to be one of the most-hyped products. It's a blue toned gloss (which makes your teeth look white). It also has a similar blue-toned face powder to brighten your face. 

I got given one of these at the event which I'm planning to give away on my Twitter and Facebook page over the weekend!

Final Thoughts

What do YOU think of the new line? Are you a secret or not-so-secret Kendall Jenner fan too?

 Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook! I love hearing from you guys!!

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The Estee Edit Makeup Launch With KENDALL JENNER!

NEW BEAUTY LAUNCH ALERT! The latest drop from Sleek Makeup has landed in my lucky lap and I have spent the last few days getting to grips with my new fairground-themed friends. 

The Whimsical Wonderland collection is a candy coloured range featuring a new eyeshadow palette, 3 new shades of Lip VIP (Sleek's semi matte lipstick, see the full review and range of Lip VIP swatches here)

I'm normally a neutrals, browns and blacks kinda gal but I do love a pop of colour on lips and cheeks. Sleek Makeup have got three new shades, basically a lilac purple, a juicy red and a coral orange. Coming in a cheek gel and a lipstick, perfect for those who like are matchy-matchy like me!

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Need A Candy Coloured Burberry Dupe? The NEW Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection

When it comes to shopping for beauty products, I’m not fussy. Being an accountant, I tend to go with wherever has the best deal or offer and today’s post is no different. 

In celebration of the 5th birthday of the SuperDrug Health and Beauty card, Superdrug have got a huge 5th Birthday promotion going on and they've kindly awarded me with some points to spend on beauty essentials.
Although I’ve been a loyal Boots Advantage card holder for practically a decade, what I love about the Superdrug card is that you can actually use the points to PART-pay for something, unlike Boots where you have to buy the whole transaction with points. I also like the fact that my health and beauty card has a mirror on it – what can I say, I love a gimmick!

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Spend To Save? It's Time To Shop! Superdrug 5th Birthday Deals

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