NEW BEAUTY LAUNCH ALERT! The latest drop from Sleek Makeup has landed in my lucky lap and I have spent the last few days getting to grips with my new fairground-themed friends. 

The Whimsical Wonderland collection is a candy coloured range featuring a new eyeshadow palette, 3 new shades of Lip VIP (Sleek's semi matte lipstick, see the full review and range of Lip VIP swatches here)

I'm normally a neutrals, browns and blacks kinda gal but I do love a pop of colour on lips and cheeks. Sleek Makeup have got three new shades, basically a lilac purple, a juicy red and a coral orange. Coming in a cheek gel and a lipstick, perfect for those who like are matchy-matchy like me!

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Need A Candy Coloured Burberry Dupe? The NEW Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection

When it comes to shopping for beauty products, I’m not fussy. Being an accountant, I tend to go with wherever has the best deal or offer and today’s post is no different. 

In celebration of the 5th birthday of the SuperDrug Health and Beauty card, Superdrug have got a huge 5th Birthday promotion going on and they've kindly awarded me with some points to spend on beauty essentials.
Although I’ve been a loyal Boots Advantage card holder for practically a decade, what I love about the Superdrug card is that you can actually use the points to PART-pay for something, unlike Boots where you have to buy the whole transaction with points. I also like the fact that my health and beauty card has a mirror on it – what can I say, I love a gimmick!

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Spend To Save? It's Time To Shop! Superdrug 5th Birthday Deals

The sun is FINALLY here. BRITISH SUMMERTIME HAS BEGUN. What a shame I am still pasty and pale faced as ever. Not for long though, thanks to the Urban Decay summer collection. A wonderful bundle of goodies landed through my letterbox and in 15 minutes my skin has gone from pale and hungover to bronzed and glowing.

Bronzed and golden has had a bit of a bad rap in the past from the fake-tan, orange oompa-lompa brigade but you'll be pleased to know that these gave me a natural-looking glow in no time at all. I've officially got my summer makeup sorted. Read on and find out which products are transforming my face right now.

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Summer Makeup Sorted With Urban Decay Cosmetics

So we're super versed in skincare for the face and the body but what about one of the largest bits of skin on your body? Nope, I'm not talking about my butt (LAWL), I'm talking about my scalp!

Yup, the scalp - possibly the least glamorous bit of skin. I bet you never thought about scalp care other than the occasional bottle of Head & Shoulders right? But do you ever get an itchy scalp when you sweat? Or does your scalp get a bit dry when it's windy?

 Complete OVER-share coming up here but I would get a really prickly scalp every time I went out out - I always put it down to the boozing and bad lifestyle choices (read: McDonalds and Prosecco) but I've since realised that the irritation was a direct result of the product build up on my scalp.

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A Skincare Routine For The One Bit Of Skin You've NOT Thought About

Contouring is not going away. Whether it's a beauty trend like strobing or something timeless like dewy skin, highlights and shadows will ALWAYS be a much loved beauty technique. 

Depending on what you're trying to do, there are a whole host of contour Kardashian style products available but what's best for the every day natural contour look?

New to stores this month is the Sleek Cream Contour Palette. What's new with that you might think? We've seen sculpt and glow palettes before, right? The trick, my friends, is all in the cream formula. OOOOOH CREAM FORMULA - the marmite of makeup. Some people love them, some people hate them

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Create Your Own Cheekbones with Sleek Cream Contouring Palette

It was literally this time last year that I was in California, celebrating my birthday in the sun and enjoying the sights in LA and Las Vegas. And with Coachella 2016 coming up, nothing brings on a case of the nostalgic blues like a YOUTUBE MONTAGE! 

Today's post is also a little shopping list that I've done from the comfort of my sofa in case you need some outfit inspiration for what to wear .... OR if you just fancied treating yourself.

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Coachella Video and Festival Shopping List

The sun has finally made an entrance and it's officially started - WEDDING SEASON. I've got two wedding invites for this months and as usual, no idea what to wear! So, after a lengthy online window shopping session, I wrote this Style Inspo post for Yahoo Style about what to wear to that Spring wedding, with these four stylish (and appropriate) wedding outfits. 

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What I Wore: Spring Wedding Guest Style Inspiration

SUPER HUGE CLOSE UP. So, as a big fan of make up and enhancing (read: improving) my face, it wouldn't surprise you to know that I am a big fan of lash extensions. Eyelash extensions? Like fake eyelashes glued onto your own? Pretty much. Like hair extensions but for your eyelashes! Whether you think it sounds genius or jawdroppingly weird, I've had lash extensions done several times before but I recently had them done at Primalashes in Mayfair where I tried a new kind of eyelash.

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Fluttery, Long Lashes With Primalashes Mink Eyelash Extensions

Despite this bright, London spring weather we've had recently, you may have noticed a bit of a white snow gracing my Instagram. Yep, I popped over to Switzerland for a weekend with my Zurich-based gal pals and it was GREAT. It was a much needed mini-holiday and it was started in some SERIOUS style at World Duty Free in Heathrow Terminal 5.

Due to the money-saving accountant side of me, stocking up on beauty essentials at Duty Free is a mandatory stop every time I go to the airport. Seriously, it's like going to the cinema and not having popcorn, it's just a must-do right?

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Flying In Style With World Duty Free: Complimentary Beauty Treatments At Heathrow

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