This will sound seriously mental but... I had my first Mince Pie of the year the other day. Yup. Christmas, in October. But the festive season isn't that far away you know. Xmas lights are up on Oxford Street. Christmas gift ranges are in store. Can't escape it, CHRISTMAS 2015 IS COMING.

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Christmas Is Coming: Gifts All Wrapped Up At Lush Cosmetics!

So Charlotte Tilbury seems to be taking over makeup halls around the country and I couldn't be happier. At first, you could only buy Charlotte Tilbury makeup in the likes of Selfridges and Harrods, but now it's just launched online at John Lewis too. HELLO NEW BEAUTY BUY.

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Lip Cheat: My First Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I,N.G Lipstick Buy!

I don't know how much lipstick the average woman swallows but I have been thinking a lot about the ingredients in my lipstick. But can you get a natural product which has the same coverage and results? Enter Burt's Bees Lip Crayon - a creamy lip balm crayon, with full coverage colour.

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Natural Alternative To Lipstick: Burt's Bees Lip Crayon Swatches

It's finally here, the first cold day of the year. You know what that means, Winter is coming. As IF it's the end of September already?! What happened to Summer?

With cold nights settling in, there's nothing more satisfying than a hot bath or shower and I've started to really invest in my shower pals so that my evening routine becomes more of a luxury. Also, having fancy brands in my bathroom will make it look less rubbish, right? I hope so.

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Bring Luxury To The Bathroom: Molton Brown Heavenly GingerLily Collection

It's ARRIVED! My video for Yahoo Style in now online and in it, you'll see me interviewing lots of people, like model Charlotte De Carle (who is very wise) plus Jean Piere Braganza, Orla Kiely and a whooooole host of superstar hair and makeup artists. WAH.

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Our Video For Yahoo!Style London Fashion Week

So I went to London Fashion Week and what happened? Other than constantly pinching myself and thinking 'Omg what am i doing here!?'. Just like my time at LFW AW15, I was running around backstage, interviewing makeup artists and stylists and going to shows for Yahoo Style

I've been allll over London, wrecked a pair of shoes, bandaged 6 toes, drank about 200 bottles of coconut water  and it has been GREAT fun. Of course it's not all sunshine and roses though , there was a 5:30am start on Saturday and also an absolute wreck of a thunderstorm but here's a full summary and photos of what happened at LFW SS16...

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London Fashion Week SS16 Show Summary & Trend Report

Finally, Day 1 of London Fashion Week SS16 is over. I'm sitting on the couch with my fellow fashion blogger Goodowl, drinking wine and resting our broken feet. I said last season that my outfit choice this time would be warmer, more comfortable........ but what happened today? Well, here's what I wore! gave me a LFW challenge to style one of their dresses and I obviously jumped at the chance! I chose their Laura Midi Dress, a gorgeous black dress with a floaty base - the perfect mix of elegance and chic.

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London Fashion Week SS16:What I Wore Day 1 - Boohoo and Black

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I'm frantically considering my options for LFW. I think it's probably one of the only times where I actually try something remotely trendy and where I finally wear something different. (what, no workwear and blazers??? Shock horror)

Same with the makeup, whether it's an obscure colour lip (remember this lilac lip fail anyone?) or a bold eyeshadow, it always tends to be about going outside the colour comfort zone. So what's new for eyeshadow this season then?

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Trying A Trend For Fashion Week? How To Make Blue Eyeshadow Wearable

Honey, I'm home! Villa life on the Spanish island of Mallorca was amazing, but of course it went far too quickly! One week away from blogging, so I guess I owe you a little holiday summary of what went down and what I wore! (stay tuned for my biggest holiday beauty secret!)

We had a little villa tucked away in a gorgeous coastal bay called Cala Pi. Yup, I'm definitely too old for Magaluf these days. We were literally on the cliffs, it had such a gorgeous view of the sea and the Spanish sunsets. Check out this Shepherds Delight scene!


Nothing quite beats drinking Sangria, in 30 degrees, whilst reading trashy 99p Kindle books - oh yeah and floating in a rubber ring! Despite looking like I'm "a frat boy at a pool party with Calvin Harris" (according to Mr FV, the bastard) - it was awesome. Until wearing the cap backwards tanned a square into my forehead. NOT cool but thankfully easily concealed by foundation.

Holiday Beauty Essentials

Go on then, what is it? Errr, HELLO NEW LASHES.

Yup, you got me - faking it is the best way to sort your holiday makeup. Eyelash extensions place individual lashes onto your own, making them look a bit more natural than false strip lashes. They're also much lighter, you won't even know you're wearing them.

I love getting eyelash extensions before holiday as it means I don't need to worry about waterproof mascara, or any sort of makeup other than some SPF and some brows (obvs). 

They last a couple of weeks, if you look after them you can have them on for a while! These lash pictures are after a week in the sun, on the beach and in the pool - so they've held up pretty nicely!

Eyelash extensions can be pricey though - normally about £70-£120 depending on where you're getting them done and how many lashes you're having applied  (in case you're wondering, it's about 2-3 extensions per real lash)

Now that's nothing I can really afford to do regularly so the answer is GROUPON. You can find a lot of eyelash deals out there where you can get a full set for about £25. Now, that's a price I like! I'm going to do a full post after Fashion Week on how to look after your lashes, and the different kinds of lashes you can get.

Holiday Bargain Buys.

I don't really do postcards or souvenirs but I love treating myself to a special item everytime I go on holiday - sort of my own style souvenir I guess? 

I went to a little town called Inca, where they have a weekly market which sells lots of stuff, particularly leather goods! I ended up buying a pair of soft leather slippers (basically ankle Uggs) and THIS gorgeous leather coat.

First of all, WELL DONE to Mr FV who has managed to take a picture that's in focus and not blurry. Anyone else's other halves somehow inept with cameras??

Buttery soft and velvetty, this leather coat by Stradivarius is a sort of trench/jacket/shirt dress and I LOVE IT. I've never actually treated myself to a leather jacket before, I've only ever borrowed/stolen my mum's so I'm really pleased to have finally got myself one.

And even better, it was only about £65! How great is that?! I'll be wearing this with polo necks and A-line skirts to channel the 70's trend, or with skinny black trousers and a marl t-shirt for a casual, yet effortlessly chic vibe. All after giving it a thorough pre-treatment with a suede protector of course!

The only downside is that it smells a little bit like bacon at the moment, as it's 100% pig leather, but I've already worn it out and about the house, and it's definitely coming to work with me, paired with a white shirt and black cigarette pants. WAHOO. Holiday souvenir!

Like my new leather goods? Been to Mallorca? Is your partner rubbish at taking photos too?

 I love hearing from you guys, so tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook!

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Mallorca Holiday Style Blog: Eyelash Extensions & Leather

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