So if somehow you missed my endless promotion (aka boasting) on my Facebook page - I got to go see an advance screening of We Are Your Friends, starring the beeeautiful Zac Efron and Blurred Lines breakout star Emily Ratajkowski.

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Emily Ratajkowski WAYF Interview And Makeup Tutorial

Friday is finally here and so comes my second instalment of Face Value Food Blog! So with yesterday being #NationalBurgerDay, it seemed the obvious thing to go have a beer and a burger, right? Hell yeah!

Now I’m unashamedly a bit of a London burger aficionado. Whether it’s the humble 99p puffy, additive filled cheeseburger at McDonalds or the full steak burger special at Hawksmoor, I’ve had my fair share.

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Friday Food Blog: Stokey Bears Burger Review

I don't know about you but I am fascinated by asian cosmetics and asian skincare. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm obviously MASSIVELY biased since I'm Chinese, but skincare in the Far East is completely next level because beauty trends over there favour clear glowy skin over makeup.

Enter Astalift - an anti-aging skincare brand by Fujifilm (yes, the camera people!) which has used Fujufilm's innovative technologies to create a very scientific, very distinctive skincare brand.

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Asian Skincare In The UK! Picture Perfect With Astalift by FUJIFILM

I've been promising this for long enough so here we go - the inaugral Face Value FOOD blog. It's common knowledge from my Instagram feed that I go out to eat, a LOT. Blame it on laziness, excess, or even just my poor cooking skills but my food budget is pretty much the biggest expense for me - after my makeup budget of course.

I've got a great list of restaurants coming up for you including Fera at Claridges, The Merchant's Tavern, Bob Bob Ricard and Homeburger but today? I'm starting with a recent eat at Paradise GarageParadise Garage is the next installment from husband and wife team Robin and Sarah Gill - who are behind The Manor and The Dairy in Clapham. (both excellent)

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Face Value Food Blog: Paradise Garage Tasting Menu

Following my first proper facial with the lovely Lisa Franklin, I've been determined to keep my good skin and get rid of some old skincare habits. And I'm not just talking about cleaning my makeup brushes!

Think of it as the turning point for good skin, a bit like the moment I realised what a difference a good brow makes. But what changes have I made to maintain my new found glow? 

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Good Skin Tips I Learnt From The Professionals

When it comes to perfect skincare routines, facials are part of the recipe and I've always wanted to have 'a facialist'. Y'know, someone that you build up a great relationship with, someone that knows your skin type and joins you in the quest for perfect skin! 

Facials for me, are like massages. An absolute delight, but not something that I can really afford to have on a very regular basis. So when I was offered the chance to try out the services of Lisa Franklin - a highly regarded skincare expert and London facialist - I was like YES PLEASE.

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A Facial At The Lisa Franklin Skincare Clinic

It seems like aaages ago but I've been covering backstage at London Fashion Week for Yahoo Style, now for two seasons. I still can't quite believe it but with LFW SS16 coming up, it's finally sinking it - I now 'go' to Fashion Week! Bwaaah. 

Through my LFW work, I am now a regular writer for Yahoo Style but if you're not active on Twitter (follow me!), you might have missed some of my posts for them. 

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August Yahoo Style Blogpost Summary!

It's happened. I'm back on YouTube! I've sorted my life out, got some new lighting for my new pad and made a video!

What brought on this sudden change? It's all down to a great little app that inspires me to create great photos and videos every day. Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the Feels app...

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Want To Be Discovered? Models & Musicians Should Download The Feels App

It's been a good few months since I took the plunge and bleached my hair purple. Anyone who's ever coloured their hair will completely understand the need to preserve that exact vibrancy from Day 1. 

You'll start wondering how long you can go without washing your hair and whether you'll ever be able to use a white towel ever again.  Well fear not - you can still live a normal hair life and maintain your colour! Read on, for my purple hair life lessons....

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Maintaining Purple Hair with Scott Cornwall, Plastic Gloves & Cold Water

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