I love natural skincare, i love stuff that smells nice and I blaaaddy LOVE Christmas. That's why today's post is pretty much winning in every element. Oh yeahhh, it's the Christmas preview at Lush.

Lush is that shop which you smell before you even see. Like a beacon of scent leading me to a treasure trove of lovely skin treats, I can ALWAYS find something I like in there! Something, some things, lots of things..!

Held at the Lush in Regent Street, I spent an evening hanging out with some blogger pals and basically touching, feeling & smelling EVERYTHING in the shop. Do you ever get like that? When the cloud descends and you must-touch-eveeeerything! 

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Lush Christmas 2014 - Pick Your Present Now!

Hi Team! So today's What I Wore To Work is probably a bit of a cop-out as it's not a full-on fashion outfit and it actually only features one piece. (It's been a busy few weeks, this is the best I can do at the moment, bwaah.)

My previous Workwear posts have always been about the outfit, the key looks, the investment pieces but I' realised that I've never covered the hair much before. And why not? I'm a beauty blog after all, so what about beauty in the workplace?

Today's smart style is all about the hair. It's easy to do, easy to prepare - it's a variation on the classic high-pony - there's texture and movement through the lengths, and of course, a giant preppy bow on top! Channelling Alicia Silverstone in Clueless!

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What I Wore To Work: Smart Style Ideas For Long Hair

I don't normally win competitions, but at the #bloggersfestival last month, I lucked out and managed to win the entire Bee Good skincare range! WAHOO! 

No idea what's going to happen now - most likely will end up standing in a deep puddle wearing the world's flimsiest ballet pumps, whilst simultaneously getting splashed by a passing bus. Standard Autumn bad luck drama.

Anyway. I digress. Bee Good is a British premium skincare brand, run by husband and wife duo Simon & Caroline (how cute!!)  Given Simon's bee-keeping background, Caroline started using the excess beeswax to make products and now, the brand is stocked in Waitrose as the only British brand to exclusively use British beeswax and honey in it's products.

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BRAND FOCUS: Bee-autiful skin with Bee Good Organic Skincare

Can you believe it's the middle of October already?! It doesn't even feel like it thanks to this mild weather - but Halloween is right round the corner!! Whaaaat.

Personally, I love Halloween - it's such a great excuse to really play around with makeup and to wear looks that you would NEVER normally wear, but becomes totally acceptable for one night of the year. Same goes for clothes - like the playboy bunnies in Mean Girls!

Imagine my excitement when Fragrance Direct got in touch to give me a HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE. The deal was that they would send me a lovely box of Fragrance Direct goodies and in return, I had to create an "Urban Witch" makeup look. Win-win situation for me!

Check out the lovely package I got sent! So many goooooodies and some really great brands in there!

Urban Witch is actually quite a hard theme, because there's not much special FX or creative detailing involved. It's a shame, because I love doing intricate work - check out last year's Hand-drawn Halloween Lace Eyemask design

For this Urban Witch makeup look, I did strong, exaggerated brows in bruised purple hues with lots of dark and smoky purple colours across the eyes and lips.

For reference - here's me before I Fragrance-Direct'ed my face.

And After! Voila - the Urban Witch!

I then decided to turn the lights off and use a candle, for extra spookiness... check out the change in colour and mood!! Scaaaaaary.

Speaking of scary - I then proceeded to SET MY HAIR ON FIRE. No joke, I put the candle down and then leant over for the camera and ohhhhh man, hair smells awful when it's burnt.

Thankfully I have lots of it so a DIY trim was on the cards!

How To Get The Look

Spooky Smokey Eyes - basically, a moodier take on the classic smokey eye - the Urban Witch eye adds a bruised shimmer.

I used the GloMinerals Alloy Eyes Collection to create a classic smokey eye, all the way up to the brow bone.  I then wet-pressed on this Becca Jewel Dust onto my eyelids - it has a lovely holographic finish, like a 3D Barry M Dazzle Dust.

I then finished off with lashings of Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara and L'Oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner in Violet Black.

Bushy Bruised Brows - this is a strong shape, with a hint of colour and hand-drawn hairs for a bit of deathly drama.

I used the W7 Brow Kit (which came with great eyebrow stencils) - dusted the Becca Jewel Dust onto the arches, and then hand-finished with black eyeliner. Not gonna lie, it took me three goes to draw on the hairs straight!! Practice makes perfect..

Finally, on the lips I used this Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Blackberry (which is a dark brown burgundy) - and then dusted the Becca Jewel Dust over the top.

Seriously, that Jewel Dust is so multi-functional! Use it wet or dry for different effects, on your eyes, on your lips, on your cheeks. Boom.

Overall - I'm really pleased with the makeup I got from Fragrance Direct. I had no idea they did great brands like Bobbi Brown & Elizabeth Arden alongside high-street heavyweights like Bourjois and Rimmel.

Here's my finished Halloween Urban Witch look! I think it's very distinct but still very wearable! What are you doing this Halloween??!

Big thanks to Fragrance Direct for such a fun challenge (and the awesome freebies!!) For more beauty bargains - check out www.fragrancedirect.co.uk  - it's free delivery on orders over £40 with code FREEDEL40!

By Zoe Dubs

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Fragrance Direct HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE: Urban Witch Makeup Look

Hi team! It's been a super-quiet week on the blog but it'll be worth it because today..... I'M BACK ON YOUTUBE!

 Yes indeed, I've been busy video editing this week instead of blogging and, as a result, a new video is up on my YouTube channel  (and it's very different to my normal gabble!) .... it's a fashion video for the lovely occasionwear site LittleBlackDress.co.uk!

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What I Wore Wednesday: LittleBlackDress.co.uk Launch Party!

Hi team! A quick 'What I Wore To Work' from me today - mainly because I bought this dress and these shoes  and I couldn't wait to show you!! 

How hard is it dressing for this weather?! Not quite warm enough for no-jacket but too warm for your coat.

A duster coat is the perfect answer to that and today's dress is a lovely silky find, in a wintery print. Proof that you CAN wear print to work and still look quite corporate.

Duster Coat & Cube Print Dress by F&F

The standout piece of today's outfit is this amazing printed dress from F&F. I wore the white version to London Fashion Week and immediately knew I had to get the other colour too!

My LFW White Version!

 It feels so much more expensive than it actually is - it feels like a dress from Cos, a lovely silky but sturdy material. Totally worth the £15 I paid for it during the recent F&F 25% off weekend! I love a good bargain!

I love the coloured print - it's smart, it's modern and you can also wear this dress with black tights when it gets colder. The perfect Autumn to Winter transition!

Before we get to the pictures, I just want to make zero apologies for the obvious attempt to photoshop out my life (aka my cluttered bedroom floor). I've spared you the horror..

I've teamed the dress with this textured black duster coat which I swear - goes with EVERYTHING. AND - if I'm not excited enough - it has HUGE POCKETS which fit everything I need in it! (phone, cards, oyster, keys, lipgloss)

Seriously, whenever I can't be bothered to carry a bag, I'll just wear this duster coat. P-L-A-N.

Anyway, less exciting but equally lovely are my new tassle leather shoes from &Other Stories. I bought them on a 50% off at Vogue Fashion's Night Out. They're not my usual cup of tea (possibly a bit too out-there for me) but I just thought they were really really nice and great quality. Oh god, I sound like my mum - GOOD QUALITY LEATHER, GOOD BARGAIN - it's like buying ugly shoes in Clarks again back in the 90s. (without the awesome foot measuring machine!)

So there we go - a quick look at today's outfit. What do you think?

And how awesome was the foot measuring machine at Clarks?!?!

By Zoe Dubs

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What I Wore To Work Wednesday: Autumn Blues

I'm not a big fan of advance Christmas shopping to be honest. It feels like December is ages away and I'm still clinging onto Autumn despite the sudden drop in temperature this week. That said - there is one product which definitely can NOT wait until December and that my friends, is the Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar.

Beauty Advent Calendar? Eh? Also known as the BEST concept ever, you get a little beauty treat behind each window instead of musty tasting chocolate. (ahhh who am I kidding, there's something special about the taste of cheap advent chocolate!)

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Don't Wait For December! Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar

Sorry for the silence this week Face Value Friends, it's been a hectic one at work. I'm talking 13 hour days and multiple KFC visits. THANK GOD FOR THE WEEKEND (she says whilst eating more chicken)

 Fortunately, during this busy time, my nails proved to be one less thing to worry about because I've been wearing a pair of fantastic Ted Baker nail wraps which lasted all week! Boom.

I was never a fan of nail wraps before - I couldn't apply them properly, I ended up with bubbles underneath and then they would just peel off leaving a sticky mess, beauty booo! 

HOWEVER. Times change! Armed with a decent set of wraps and some better know-how (which I'm going to share with you, obvs!) these Ted Baker nail wraps stayed on for a full 5 days without chips, peeling or any issues!

Let's have a look shall we?

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Teeny Houses On My Nails - Ted Baker Nail Wraps!

Man oh man, it's official. London is THE most expensive city in the world. It used to be Hong Kong (my second home from home) but with the British pound and property prices rising in value, the big smoke is now top of the list. Great.

The cost of renting in London is apparently double that of in the rest of the UK, but regardless of where you live - it's always good to reassess exactly how much you can afford to rent and if you can save money anywhere. Sounds boring, but it's true and is becoming more and more important as the squeeze sets in.

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MONEY MONDAY: Save Money Whilst Renting

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