So my last post was a little introduction to my new Stila goodies, and now I've had some time to play, I did a little makeup look for you!!

I've firmly shut the lid on my summer makeup box but although the fake tans and bronzers have been put on the bench, the glowy look is STILL in. Dewy skin takes a bit of a backseat during summer because it can be mistaken for shiny-face sweatiness (blergh) but autumn/winter is when it really comes into it's own.

Today's look is a real "Sunday Morning" makeup look - really fresh faced, natural and glowing - but still polished and defined. The kind of "I'm not wearing any makeup" makeup which I frequently try to fool Mr FV with. I swear, I've spent absolute yeeeears trying to perfect it!

BEWARE - giant selfies ahead.

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Natural Makeup Look with Stila In The Light Palette!

Fiiinally, with Fashion Week over it's time to get back to beauty business!! One of the perks of winning the Yahoo Lifestyle LFW competition was that I also won a Stila makeup goody bag and boy-oh-boy it was GOOOOD.

Stila kindly asked me beforehand what sort of colours and products I liked - and seriously, this makeup package couldn't be MORE tailored to me if I tried.  It's got brows, it's got eyeliner, it's got cream blush, orange lips and highlighter. Oh yeah, AND A PALETTE. *explodes with joy*

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HAUL: My STILA makeup goodies!!

In case you didn't already know, I am a HUGE panicker. Tube delayed? Low phone battery? Missing key? TIME TO PANIC. So when I found out that I'd won the Yahoo Lifestyle Bloggers Competition to go to London Fashion Week, the second thought after "OMG I WON!" was "OMG, what do I WEAR?"

Thankfully, I had some help from my wonderful workmates and F&F Clothing kindly agreed to sort me out a Fashion Week Wardrobe! BOOM.

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What I Wore: Choosing My LFW Outfit

I need to accept it - my London Fashion Week dream is over. Time to wake up and get back to the reality of spreadsheets and smart shoes that is my day job...

And what an experience it was. Getting to go backstage to see the transformation process, sitting front row at a show like I was some sort of somebody. This has been a truly once in a lifetime experience and I'm so ridiculously grateful to Yahoo Lifestyle and everyone who voted for me.

Enough emotional chat now, let's get down to business. What did I see? How is it done? WHAT'S THE VIBE WITH SS15?

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TREND REPORT: London Fashion Week SS15

Another day finished!!

Day 2 of my London Fashion Week experience with Yahoo Lifestyle is almost over! Just a couple of parties to go to now and that's it - sadface.

THought it would be a good idea to upload some photos and some chat BEFORE I go and drink champagne and eat nothing but canapes. Today has been fantastic - we went backstage at Fashion Scout to check out the makeup looks behind the shows of some up-and-coming designers. We also went to an amazing Palmer Harding show in Lincoln's Inn which was absolutely stunning and very different to the other LFW shows I saw.

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LFW Day 2! Photo Highlights


I've been up and about since 7am and I am absolutely pooooped. Today has been such a great day -I've been reporting on camera for Yahoo Lifestyle from LONDON FASHION WEEK. Me?! An accountant from Milton Keynes?!

It's gone so, so well today  - I've been to shows, I've been backstage, I've been ON THE FROW! I've interviewed lots of makeup artists and hair stylists for Yahoo and we've been covering the beauty look behind each show and the key trends we should be stocking up for as we come into AW14..... SOUND GOOD?

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LFW SS15 Saturday! Photo summary.

As someone who likes to be prepared, the thought of going a full day at London Fashion Week, without any pitstops or outfit changes, means one thing. I NEED A GIANT HANDBAG.

Without any chances to access my bulging suitcase and overflowing makeup bag at my hotel, my choices are limited to what's in my hand candy. So for this weekend alone, I need to have something for every eventuality in my bag!

First of all, let's admiringly look at the holding receptacle itself - my lovely blue Michael Kors Bedford bowling bag. I bought it at Bicester Village for my birthday a few years back and it is PERFECT for LFW as it is in this season's 'it colour' - cobalt blue. I'm so unintentionally on trend... 

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LFW Sept 2014: What's In My Handbag

Oh mannn, packing is a HASSLE isn't it? I'm a fan of always being prepared so, in an ideal world, I'd just bring everything. However, if I was to be REASONABLE for once, I would realise that I have both space and time constraints so I've managed to pick and pack the best of my beauty collection.

That aside, I've still packed the biggest beauty bag ever, so today I'll just run you through the highlights - the ultimate essentials for a week like LFW!

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My London Fashion Week Beauty Essentials!

I went to the #bloggersfestival event last weekend so it was a very busy Instagram and Twitter day on Saturday. What do you expect when a large group of bloggers come together?  It's like some sort of cardinal rule - when THIS many bloggers are in the same room, Instagram-hysteria happens..

This week is going far too quickly - I'm nowhere near prepared for London Fashion Week so today is going to be a short one! As a little What I Wore special, I thought I'd show you a quick look at my outfit that day and a glimpse of what went down at #bloggersfestival...

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What I Wore... to bloggersfestival!

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