If you say Hair Extensions to me, I used to automatically think of limp rat tails, Geordie Shore and Barbie hair. Say Hair Extensions to me now and I think.. HOT HAIR!

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook feed, you won’t have missed the eye-opening event I went to last week, hosted by HotHair.co.uk. I got to try on fake ponytails, clip on buns, volumisers and even a full-on wig and what can I say? I think I’m a hair piece convert.

The thing is, it all actually looked surprisingly good! Or maybe it’s just me – read on, take a look and let me know what you think!

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HHBloggerEvent - Taking Hair Extensions To New Lengths!

Here we go, the next installment in my "How To Buy A House" series. Where were we? After my top tips for first time buyers, I then wrote about how to make an offer on a house.

Afer I put an offer in on my flat, we found out our offer was accepted! Time to get new pants Zoe, cos this thing just got REAL.

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Money Monday: London Flat Buying Adventures Continue!

So I started this beauty blog with the intention of shouting about all the great beauty products I've tried, and today's mascara is definitely worth shouting (and reading) about.

I reviewed the Benefit They're Real mascara against Chanel Le Volume here and it came out a clear winner for boosting volume and length. But in-your-face drama isn't necessary for everyone.

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Free Benefit RollerLash: Will I Buy The Full-Size Mascara?

Soooo.. in case you missed it, I dyed my hair purple! Desperate to inject some colour into my dark hair, I've been DIY colouring for years but never managed to get the vibrant colour I so desired. So I gritted my teeth and admitted it. I needed professional help.

Enter ColourNation on Winsley Street, a London salon specialising in hair colouring, hair extensions, hair straightening and digital perms. It's on a quiet street right off Oxford Street and I never even knew that it was there - tucked away like a hidden gem, away from the buzz of Oxford Street.

Great location and very reasonable prices, given that it's a salon in Central London. But what about the results? Let me tell you what went down.

First up, I had a colour consultation with senior stylist Lucia, to tell her about what I wanted to have done. I say "tell", it was more like "show her the Pinterest collages" I had created. Does anyone else do that?!

Lucia basically then told me that every picture on there was basically a lie - Instagrammed and edited beyond recognition. Doh, dreams dashed. But could she do it? Yes, most likely. Dreams, BACK ON THE TABLE!

Lucia was careful to talk me through my options. Instead of traditional bleach, she planned to use Magma, a new type of bleach by Wella Professionals which lightens hair and deposits colour into the hair shaft at the same time. Therefore it doesn't take as long to bleach and colour hair, as well as giving a good base colour for your hair. Sounded like a plan to me!

Unfortunately, on the day of my appointment, the shade of Magma required was not available so I had to make do with traditional bleach instead. Oh well, it still did the same job, just took slightly longer.

The first step was to lighten my hair. I had the bleach applied to my hair, wrapped in foils and heated under a lamp until the ends were that perfect straw colour, without any orange brassy tone.

The bleach was washed out with a silver toning shampoo and inspected at great length. Where the colour wasn't right, Lucia took more time to apply more bleach - I appreciated this attention to detail! It was late and I was the last customer but Lucia soldiered on, to get it just right.

Next, a vivid blue purple colour was mixed and applied to my freshly bleached ends before being left to absorb and washed out one more time. Ta-da!

The Finished Look.

I absolutely LOVE the results - when directly in the light it is EVEN more vibrant than in this pic and when indoors, it's subtle enough for me to wear to the office. Super wearable for such a bright colour.

 I particularly like the different tones and shades of purple which adds movement and makes my hair look much thicker than it is. Lucia has noticed a trend moving away from 'perfect block colour' to mixed tones through the hair with more clients trying ombre looks and different levels of colour.

ColourNation itself is a delightful salon - spacious with high ceilings, it even has sofa chairs that MASSAGE you whilst you have your hair washed. What a dream! Seriously, who would believe that this little oasis of calm is right off Oxford Street?

I'd done my research and looked at their portfolio of looks on the ColourNation Twitter and Facebook page and was reassured that I had picked the right place. It's always good to look at the past work of hairdressers, particularly when bleach is involved!


There's no pretending - as I mentioned in my Yahoo! Purple Hair post, this sort of colour requires maintenance! The price you pay for vibrant colour!

First of all, to help heal your hair from the bleach, some serious moisture is required. ColourNation stock a full range of Macadamia Oil which is great for fixing damaged hair and adding shine. (I've reviewed the Macadamia Oil Healing Treatment and Detangling Brush before and really liked it.)

To keep my colour fresh, I apply a mask of purple colour every other week. Schwarkopf XXL Ultra Brights and Chill Ed Stain are great for this. (I introduced these in my home hair dye post here.) The Chill Ed Stain is particularly moisturising but not quite as vibrant as the Ultra Brights. 

Mix these semi-permanent colours in with a bit of conditioner and apply to damp hair before leaving for about 15 minutes - I definitely recommend clingfilming your hair up unless you want purple streaks everywhere!

FACE VALUE DEAL ALERT: You can get 20% your colour with the same stylist! Quote my review and code YHCN15 for 20% off Colour Mon-Thurs 10-4pm at ColourNation with Senior Stylist Lucia!

Just call 0207 580 3669 or book online at www.colournation.com

For more colour care and my top tips on picking the right colour for you, check out my purple hair tips that I wrote for Yahoo!Lifestyle

Who inspired my colour?? Find out on Yahoo!Lifestyle UK.

What do YOU think then? Tweet me your thoughts @FaceValueBlog or send me a comment on Facebook!

By Zoe Dubs

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Salon Review: ColourNation Purple Hair

Dramatic title I know but it's been a dramatic week! There's a lot of news and blogger drama surrounding the 'allegedly' dodgy activities of controversial cosmetics brand Lime Crime and it's insta-famous founder, Doe Deere.

There's ethical questions, false advertising allegations but most importantly, instances of card data theft and identity fraud.

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Money Monday: Avoid Lime Crime Drama! How To Prevent Card Fraud And Avoid Financial Ruuuuin

What's the latest with me? Well, I have a new foundation in my collection! It's finally happened!

As a seasoned makeup junkie I absolutely love trying new liquid foundations. The problem is that they take soooo blimmin long to use up, it's a rare moment when a new foundation enters the beauty race. 

For a while I've been living off foundation samples but sometimes a newcomer just HAS to be brought in.  And today that bottle is the new Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation.

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Tried & Tested! Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation

Beauty at Tesco? So I've seen the aisles lined with Rimmel and Maybelline but I confess, it's not the first place I think of going to for my beauty fix. I normally consider Boots as my beauty Mecca.

That was until I tried BD Trade Secrets, Tesco's own beauty range. 

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Budget Beauty: BD Trade Secrets from Tesco. Was It Any Good?

A few Money Monday’s ago, I wrote a personal post about my house buying experience and my lessons learnt as a first time buyer

I’ll be honest, I was basically clueless before I started this process – I knew a biiiit about offers, mortgages, legal fees but was still heavily reliant on typing "advice on buying a flat- HELP" on Google.

8 weeks and 3 offers later, Mr FV and I are feeling like the Phil and Kirsty of N5! (currently debating who is who - we both want to be Phil, obvs) The offer process is no longer the deep unknown, but it’s still just as scary!

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MONEY MONDAY: How To Make An Offer On A House

It's all very well and good rocking giant purple eyeliner and blue lips on the catwalk or the Somerset House quad but can ANY of these looks actually translate to the real world? 

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From Backstage To Bathroom, Can I Pull Off This LFW Catwalk Look at Home?

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