If there's any brand I can rely on for super cute packing and a guaranteed 'oooh' - its Paul and Joe. With holiday season approaching, there's no better way to refresh your summer makeup collection by checking out the new Paul and Joe Midnight Sangria beauty collection!

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Summer Beauty: Paul and Joe 'Midnight Sangria' Collection (and Cats)

If there is one thing I love it's Scandi style. And no, I'm not just talking about IKEA (even though I practically lived there over the last 2 weeks whilst furnishing my flat!) I'm talking about that effortlessly coooool, minimalistic look which is so simple that it's beautiful. Little did I know, that Scandi cool wasn't only for the wardrobe - but also beauty too now! 

Enter Danish beauty brand Mirins Copenhagen. Mirins has a whole ethos based on hand crafted, natural body care using essential oils, aromatherapy and ingredients without parabens or SLS. Just look at how gorgeous their Copenhagen shop is! Like some amazing beauty bakery..

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Mirins Copenhagen: Scandi Style Comes To Your Beauty Cabinet!

So – last weekend I was at New Look Wireless Festival (in case you missed my endless festival spam on Instagram and Twitter) and it was BRILLIANT. 

I love a good festival but when the British weather is on your side, it feels like everything’s right with the world.  To add to my summer festival happiness, I was there scouting celeb fashion and goss for Yahoo! As you know, I’ve been working with Yahoo!Lifestyle for a while now, covering Fashion Week and the like but this weekend was all about Yahoo!Celebrity which meant access backstage, outside the dressing rooms oh – and in the VIP area! I cannot believe my luck, what a great gig! 

You can see all the official pics and news on Yahoo! but here’s a quick rundown on exactly what happened! Forget the beautifully instagrammed pictures and high fashion shots - this is the REAL way to do Wireless Festival..

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What Bloggers REALLY Do At Wireless Festival 2015

The long wait is over! After almost a month off blogging and three sofas later, I am finally in my new flat! More importantly I now have INTERNET!! What did we do before Wifi, seriously? 

SD cards finally found in that special place I put them so I wouldn't forget (and then forgot), blogging camera now charged - the return to blogging can begin!!

And what is a better way to celebrate a return to blogging than a big beauty blog haul?! Two words - BICESTER VILLAGE.

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BACK TO BLOGGING! A Big Cosmetics Company Haul From Bicester Village

The blogging hiatus is almost over because, tomorrow... I MOVE INTO MY NEW FLAT! In case you missed it, the last few Money Mondays have been about buying a house in London and I've actually been living out of a suitcase for the last two weeks - I even stopped blogging temporarily!

What have I learnt through it all? Read on dear friend because today is the penultimate in the Buying A House series.... Today, I bring you some life lessons and my First Time Buyer tips and my First Time Buyer Fails too! 

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Money Monday: Buying A House, What Have I Learnt? Tips From a First Time Buyer

A bit of a dramatic blog title but given that my last post was over 2 weeks ago, I felt it was only fair that I explain why I've STOPPED BLOGGING! 

Before you start imagining dramatic versions of Zoe vs cyber trolls vs mid life crisis vs falling out of love with makeup (never!!), I can assure you that it's all very temporary

Long story short, the main reason is because I'm currently homeless, living with friends, with all my worldly possessions in a suitcase or in storage. THERE'S YOUR DRAMAAAAA!! BOOM.

It's all planned (sort of) as part of the extremely stressful experience that is buying a house (if you're a first time buyer or thinking about it - check out my handy How To Buy A House series as part of my Money Monday posts!!)

Anyway, as a result there's very little bloggage going on, but here's at least a small picture diary of what's been going on over the last 2 weeks....

1. I binned a serious shit-load of stuff.
I'm talking 15 bags of crap - mainly bills and beauty bits from 5 years ago, very old pants, a collection of used padded envelopes, patterned tights (what was I thinking?) and a freezer full of food I forgot about, froze, then never got round to eating again. (guilty!)

2. I packed up my beauty station 
It took about 4 days but I finally managed to sort this product palace into boxes - the hardest part was narrowing it down to the the best items to take with me until I move into the new flat. And in just one bag! Serious work!!

I've also decided that my new beauty space is going to be minimal and immaculate like all those beautiful photos that other beauty bloggers post on their Instagrams.... Maybe. Most likely not. 

3. And I found these....
Fashion has odd socks, Beauty has lids with no owners. That's like. *counts* SIXTEEN lids there. Some girls don't even have sixteen products to their name. I should start Beautaholics Anonymous..

4. I tried to sell my stuff online
Selling via Facebook was surprisingly effective and no ebay and paypal fees!! Definitely recommend trying this method before you go official!

Top tips for blog sales:
- Offer bundle prices if you want to get rid of stuff fast
- Double check postage before you commit to a price!
- Really think about what you would buy from someone - dont waste your time taking pictures of stuff which is unlikely to sell.

5. I ate a LOT of this.

Papa John's special garlic sauce is THE DREAM. It's like garlic butter, on steroids. I'm going to buy a supply for my new flat..

6. Storage is SO efficient

I've never put stuff in storage before but OMG, it's incredible how much you can fit into a small space. It's also mindblowing how many units are squeezed into the building - the accountant in me is loving the efficient use of floor space.
This is 40sqft, with plenty of room spare, and less than £30 a week - apparently some people actually illegally live in storage!! It IS much cheaper than rent.. hmmm.

7. I am the least helpful person ever in a house move.
For this reason, Mr FV was very clever and decided to hire a man and van to help. (Such a good idea - best money he's ever spent!) Here's me being....helpful.

8. Once I have a flat, I'm GETTING ONE OF THESE! 

What is it?!!?! It's called an Axolotl aka the Mexican Walking Fish and it is the cutest, most bizarre looking alien thing- it lives in the water!

It just looks like it's smiling all the time - I really really want one!! Looks like it'll be easier to look after and my second choice after that is a house bunny so Mr FV is in favour of the fish.... Any ideas of other low maintenance pets??

So there we go - a fortnight of progress!

Hopefully I'll be back onto blogging soon with lots of pictures of my new minimalist, tidy beauty station and my new alien. I shall call him Miguel..

Let me know what you think on Twitter or Facebook!  Links below!

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Why I've Stopped Blogging.....

It's been a quiet week on the blog given that I spent three days last week at a glorious hen party for my old housemate. Like most bloggers who have full-time jobs, the weekend is the key time for writing posts and taking photos in good light. However this weekend I spent most of it flying around with the other hens, or curled up under a rock feeling the consequences of cocktails the night before...

There may not have been blogging time but there was plenty of beauty time!! The brides friends from abroad were desperate to stock up on cheaper beauty buys from Boots and I graciously (with manic excitement) volunteered to be their cosmetic collecting companion!

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NEW BEAUTY BUYS! My Boots Makeup Haul!

I don't know what's going on but my nails are having a serious stamp-my-feet-on-the-floor tantrum at the moment. My nail tips are breaking, flaking, bending - every bad nail behaviour that's in the book!

I've been using nail strengthening polish but to be honest, I forget to apply them regularly and to be even more honest, I want visible results NOW. Sound familiar to anyone? Dont worry, I've found some simple shortcuts which will help you deal with nasty nails. 

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Want Neat Nails? My Latest Manicure Must-Haves.

Home Chalk Board

In case you missed it.... I'm buying a house! Well, can't quite afford a house in London, it's actually a 2 bed flat but still, it's a place of my own. And the best part? I CANT WAIT TO DECORATE! I'm not quite in there yet but I sure am planning everything already.

The lovely team at Flamingo Gifts spotted my "How To Buy A House" blog series on hunting for a house and sent me some beautiful presents which are frankly, perfect housewarming gifts! A house plant just doesnt cut it anymore.

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Happy Housewarming To Me From Flamingo Gifts!

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