Can you believe it's mid December already?! CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK. I am so behind on my present buying and decorating but there is one thing which I'm bang up to date on.... My Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar!!

A few months ago I excitedly bought the Selfridges Advent Calendar in a fit of "oh my god if I don't buy it now it will sell out" panic. (See this post for more panic and purchasing satisfaction)

12 days and 12 windows later, I knew I had made the right decision. Of the 12 beauty treats so far, I loved 11 of them. Here's the lowdown on what was behind those windows - you can judge whether you'll buy one next year!

On the first day of Christmas my Selfridges Calendar gave to me... (don't worry, I won't do this for every day)

A mini bottle of YSL Opium. What a depressing start, I genuinely immediately regretted buying this - the perfume smells classy but far too old for me. Bleurgh. Even my mum didn't want it!

Day 2 - a big improvement, it was the Kiehl's Ultra Facial cleanser - a gentle liquid gel cleanser made from a sugar derived foaming agent. It reminds me of the Korres White Tea Gel Cleanser - lovely texture, I would buy this full size but I'm not itching to get it just yet.

Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift, oooooh. I'm not one for anti ageing creams yet - this ones going to my mum (and she loved it!) If you want to keep it, you can use it on your neck to start.

Another Lancome wonder - the Galateis Douceur aka fancy french for 'gentle softening cleansing fluid for face and eyes'.. I love using this to remove eye makeup, it's really easy to use and feels very luxurious.

The Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil - I've tried this before and I really like it for cleansing my skin but it's not amazing at removing eye makeup. Wouldn't buy the full size but I like it enough to keep using the sample!!

Another cute perfume sample - La Vie Est Belle - aka the Julia Roberts one. It smells really nice, I wouldn't mind getting this full size! The bottle is adorable too - I love these sample sizes, they're perfect for putting in your handbag for a daytime freshen up!

Now THIS one, I love - the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - lovely and smooth without any of that artificial scent. It feels very expensive on the skin and good for all skin types - I would buy this full size!

The famous one - the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum. I've always wanted to try this, you can just tell it's going to be good! Even if you don't need an anti ageing serum! Can't wait to use it!! (I'm having serious product overload on my face right now, if you haven't already guessed)

Forget about the Opium disaster of Day 1 - this Armani Code perfume is lovely! I would definitely get this full size! These perfume samples look small but actually last quite a long time!

I ADORE DAY 10!! A mini Lancome Absolut lipstick! The perfect size for dropping in your party clutch and a lovely wearable colour which will suit all skin tones!

There is SO much Lancome in this calendar. And I ain't complaining! A mini sample of the Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara - I'm a huge mascara fan and I will try any and every brand out there!

 Finally - ending my 12 days with a GREAT sample - the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate aka the best facial oil ever. Super light and easily absorbed - I would DEFINITELY (all capitals) buy a full size version of this!

So there we go, a quick round up of my first 12 days of christmas beauty! 

I cannot wait until for the next 12!!

Tried any of these bad boys? Which ones do you like the look of?

By Zoe Dubs

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12 Days Of Christmas: Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar revealed!

So I never used to be a fan of scented candles - quite frankly, I didn't see the point of them. A couple of Yankee candles and one Jo Malone candle later, I am HOOKED. 

Get home - put a scented candle on. Get ready for bed.. put a scented candle on. Stay in on a Sunday - PUT ALL THE CANDLES ON.

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New Scented Candle Alert! Florence Anne at Boots

Hi team! I have been fantastically busy this week with work and Xmas festivities and blogging has taken a little breather. Can you believe it's December already?!  I have bought zero presents so far and not even put my tree up - so much to do!! How far have you got?!

Today's blog post is a collection of my favourite fragrance bottles, spotted at The Perfume Shop Christmas preview.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a sucker for picking perfume based on a beautiful bottle. I know it should be about the scent, but sometimes I just want that bottle on my dresser! If only more of them were refillable!

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The Most Beautiful Perfume Bottles For Your Dresser

It's Wednesday and my fashion series "What I Wore To Work Wednesday" has returned!!

What I Wore To Work has been on a little break after I moved flat because I couldn't find any decent places to take photos which didn't have piles of shoes and makeup in the background. 

However, I've finally found a lovely spot at the top of my stairs which actually has some decent natural light (and no clutter!!) 

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What I Wore To Work: Wonderful Winter Warmers

Some of you may have gathered that I'm partial to a bit of DIY when it comes to my hair. Not only is it cheaper, but there's something satisfying about doing your hair yourself and then seeing the results!

Basically, I realised that I kept coming back from the hairdresser, only half-pleased with my hair. (Oh yeah, and I also hate the hairdresser- here's why.) 

I figured that instead of shelling out the big bucks each time, I would become a have-a-go hairdresser ....and then pay a real hairdresser to fix my experiment after (hopefully not necessary!)

And the gamble paid off!! I've been doing my own hair cuts and hair colours for the last few years - with the exception of a birthday trip to Bleach London. And it's that trip to Bleach which has sort of inspired today's hair adventure. 

Because I'm entering the big leagues and GETTING OUT THE BLEACH!!  SPOILER: I'm not going blonde btw. Soz.

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Home Hair Dye Adventure: It's BLEACHING Time.

Today's post isn't very glamorous but, with heightened awareness of Ebola and bird-flu related panic sweeping the country, I thought it was time to start facing up to facts, start thinking how I could protect myself and.....get an antibacterial hand gel. GENIUS!?!

Ohhhh antibac gels, I both love and hate them. 

They only make an appearance in my bag on holidays (when somehow they become necessary more than if you were at home?), or following an incident of gross-closeness on the tube when you're face to face with an incubus of viral plague... OR, as was the case this week, when a worldwide epidemic is all over the news and also (thanks to Bob Geldof, the walking fringe) your playlist too!

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A Non-Drying Hand Gel! EcoHydra Sanitiser

I've never been much of a perfume purchaser - I had the same perfume for about 4 years (Benefit Maybe Baby) but it got discontinued so I've started to experiment with scents and fragrance. (See my latest post on A New Way To Pick Fragrance!)

The thing is, sometimes the commercial fragrances out there just don't offer the scent you want. Too artificial, too samey, too blahh. On top of that, the specialist fragrance houses out there offer great unique scents.... but at sky high prices, boooo. 

Today's post is a little introduction to a great fragrance brand called The Library Of Fragrance - and boy-oh-boy, to quote Chandler, could that BE any more self-explanatory? 

The Library Of Fragrance is a vast collection of individual and unique smells, including crowd-pleasers like Baby Powder and Fresh Laundry in addition to intriguing and original scents like Grass, Playdoh and Tomato.....

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The Library Of Fragrance: Every scent you ever wanted!

I'm so excited about this post!! First and foremost - it's about Benefit makeup and secondly, it's about a LOT of Benefit makeup.

The Benefit blushers have been cult collectables for me ever since the first box of Dandelion landed in my lap aged 14. However, at £24 a pop, it's not cheap to collect them all.

Today's product solves that exact "i want them all, don't make me choose one" problem. It's the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot xmas special! Finally, 6 of their best selling blushers have all moved in under the same roof and quite literally - because the tin is a cute little house!!

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Benefit Blusher Swatches! The Cheeky Sweet Spot Collection

A girl on the what??? A girl on the ground!

Following my amazing London Fashion Week adventure, reporting for Yahoo Lifestyle as part of the Girls On The Ground duo (feat my blogging buddy, and all-round good egg, The Goodowl!) - I can FINALLY tell you the details behind my tantalising Top Secret hints which I've been leaving all over Twitter & Facebook.

The LFW Girls On The Ground was such a huge success that Yahoo Lifestyle have set up an exciting fashion and beauty project called the Girls On The Ground, a small group of bloggers united in a cause - to create some brilliant fashion & beauty content for you!

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It's official. I am a Yahoo Lifestyle Girl On The Ground.

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